Full Bodied: An Art Tasting

Monday, January 28

Over the past week I have been having serious thoughts about why I choose to live in this freezing cold country.   

And almost every child I treated last week had a cold, with so many different germs being coughed, drooled and spluttered all of me, I was pretty much guaranteed of catching a cold too. And I did.

Last Wednesday, a friend of mine emailed me an invite to the opening of a new Art Exhibition in Shoreditch for Friday night, and asked if me or any of my friends wanted to go.

I took one look at the Artist's website and knew that I definitely wanted to go and see this.  And after a  few emails, myself, Nikki, Robs and Chez were on the guest list.

And what a fabulous evening it was.

The exhibition was held in the Hoxton Gallery at the Arch,  in Shoreditch, and the rustic looking venue complimented the artist's incredible work, perfectly.

Conrad Engelhardt creates amazing works of art out of old wine corks that a number of local restaurants collect for him. 

The colours in the pictures are created by the naturally stained colours of the cork from the wine that it's sealed. These wine shades of cork together with placing the corks at different heights, create images that can be difficult to distinguish from very close, but once looked at from a different angle, are brilliant.

We got to chat to Conrad himself, and he said that a picture usually takes him a few months.

  Marilyn, on the other hand, took only weeks, as he said each cork fell into place so naturally.

Conrad also has a PhD in Organic Chemistry, and says on his website:

My background in chemistry has always given me a deep appreciation for the complexity of wine - the interactions of hundreds of individual chemical compounds. Together with diverse colors and aromas, these components in wine work together to achieve a unique and characteristic taste sensation.With regards to art I wanted to find a medium of expression which incorporated a natural media.

Drinks and delicious snacks were provided.

And after a few hours of chatting, eating and drinking in the presence of truly unique pieces of art.

We then braved the cold outside and jumped in a cab towards home.

This is why we live in London, cold or not, for evenings like these.  And the happiness that I get from hanging out with these girls...

For more information about Conrad, look at his website

Or email him at: 

conrad at corkbycork.com

And if you are in the market for a truly unique piece of art, you have to meet him and see his work.

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