Haptastic Honeymoon!

Friday, January 11

I am sitting here struggling to write the introduction to this post.  I am not sure how to even try to begin explaining our Incredible Honeymoon!

I knew that we were going to Tanzania, in East Africa, and that we were spending sometime on Safari and then a few days on the gorgeous island of Zanzibar.  What I didn't know, was that we were going on one of the most luxurious safari's possible, I mean who really imagines having their own Butler out in the Bush? Three course gourmet meals in camps tucked away in the Serengetti, accessible by a small aeroplane or a 9 hour drive to the nearest city. A tracker and a ranger in an open land cruiser taking us on early morning and late afternoon game drives, with breakfasts and sundowners set up in the bush, massages over looking the valley ahead, and staff catering to our every whim.

Absolutely completely spoilt!

A few pictures from the past two weeks...

I am so blessed!

Happy and Fantastic times, it truly was Haptastic:)

Back to London and reality on Sunday morning and back to some more regular blogging I hope!

Have a fabulous weekend:)


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