Why would anyone use a Sun Bed?

Thursday, January 17

It's certainly not ground breaking information that sun beds are not very good for you.

Picture from Metro newspaper.

"Research has already shown that using sunbeds for the first time before the age of 35 increases the risk of malignant melanoma by 87 per cent. They're not going to do you any good - the best case scenario is that they'll age and damage your skin; the worst case scenario is a cancer diagnosis and potentially death."*

A recent study published by Professor Harry Moseley and his team at the University of Dundee, has concluded that in the UK, "nine in ten of the sunbeds tested emitted UV radiation at levels above British and EU standards. The average strength of radiation was approaching twice the recommended limit."*

So not only do they put you at a far higher risk of cancer, but 90% of the sunbeds available to the public are blasting the users with more than double the recommended limit.  Or maybe this is why we are seeing so many more melanoma's in sun bed users? Either way, why anyone chooses to use these things baffles me.

This week marks a year since I got the fabulous news that they had removed all the surrounding cancerous tissue from the melanoma on my back.  And I also found out that my full body PET scan didn't highlight any cancer anywhere else. 

Remembering the feeling of relief and tears of pure joy at this news, makes me feel emotional even now.  And then my shock when the Doctor said that despite this, Medicine has concluded that there is still a 25% chance that this cancer that's "all been removed" will result in my death in the next 10 years.

Now I know that I have as much chance as being taken out a London bus, or burning helicopter this week as the next person, but why would you go on a sun bed and further increase your risk of melanoma?

" Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer. It is the leading cause of death from skin disease." Pubmed Health.

Today, I found out, that a friend of a friend who had a melanoma removed off of her back recently, has had further bad news.  The melanoma cancer had spread to her lymph nodes in her axilla, and after these nodes were all removed, they thought that she was clear.  This week, they found out that the cancer is in her lungs. This is not good, at all.   She is my age, and incidentally also a Physio.  I cried for this girl this morning, and I've never even met her.

I've never used a sun bed, and I have no idea if she ever did either, but I doubt it.

I am so grateful for the news that I got a year ago, but my heart is breaking for this girl and her family as they await further news of her treatment plan.

Please can you all send prayers and good vibes her way.

And stay away from sun beds, they are quite honestly the devil.

*info from the University of Dundee website here.

On a happier note, we got some of our professional Wedding Pictures today, and they are gorgeous...will share a few here soon:)

Lulu x 
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