Caylee's Barley Salad

Wednesday, February 27

My Mum has the most awesome hand written recipe collection.  She has a file with plastic sleeves and then inside these there are the recipes of dishes and treats that she has been making us our whole lives.  Many of them are in her hand writing, others are penned by my aunts, great aunts or family friends, and one or two are even in my own 10 year old selfs scrawl.  Every so often a recipe torn from a magazine or newspaper appears too.

I remember saying to her a few years go, that she really should type them all up and make a more organised system, but now I appreciate each recipe even more from the weathered, dated page from which it is read.  Some of them are over 25 years old, and some of the people who gave them to her are no longer with us...

I also love how the person whom she got the recipe from is mentioned in the recipe title.  Mary's Health Muffins, Joan's Cheese Scones and Gylle's Apricot Chicken, I certainly don't think were invented by them!

Unfortunately these days, most of the recipes that I find are online, and my own personal recipe book collection is sadly lacking.  Fortunately this blog has become a chronicle of my favourite recipes, but it certainly has none of the charm of my Mother's one.

When we were in South Africa for our Wedding and Christmas, my friend Caylee made the most delicious Barley Salad.  When we got back from SA, I asked her to send it to me.

I made it the other day, and it was delicious.

  So in the spirit of my Mum's Recipe Collection File, I give you, directly copied and pasted from my Facebook inbox: 

Caylee's Barley Salad

Salad: barley, dried cranberry, feta, chives and walnuts (I used a 500g bag of barley for xmas)
Dressing: balsamic vinegar, oil oil, brown sugar (I used honey) and crushed garlic.
Everything in dressing was sort of to taste, but if I rem correctly it was approx 1 part olive oil to 3 parts balsamic. I made waaaaaay to much dressing and u only need a little.
Sorry I can't give you exacts!

I used 200g Pearl Barley when I made it for Pete and I the other night, thinking we could save the leftovers, but it was so delicious we ate the lot.

This salad does need a bit of pre thinking though as Barley takes a long time to cook!  The 75 minutes that it took to cook on the hob were definitely worth it though.

According to The Encyclopaedia of Healing Foods, by Murray, Pizzorno and Pizzorno, the chief health benefit of Barley, lies in it's fiber component.  Like oat bran, the barley's dietary finer is high in beta-glucan, which helps lower cholesterol by binding to bile acids and removing them from the body via the faeces. 

What special recipes do your family have?
And do you keep a Recipe book or file that you add to yourself, or is it all online?
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