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Monday, February 25

Last week, the lovely sisters, Charlotte and Molly from Ou est la discotheque? nominated me for the Liebster award. 

Liebster is a German word meaning kindest, nicest, beloved, endearing and welcoming. It's a word which has a positive meaning towards people. This award is given to bloggers by other bloggers. And the most important thing about this award is to share and grow the network and encourage new bloggers. The blogger who has been nominated should have less than 200 followers.

I have a few more readers than the above, but wanted to do it anyway.

How it works...
Each person must post 11 things about themselves
Answer the questions that the nominator set for you, then set 11 more questions for the blogs you nominate
Chose blogs to nominate, then link them to your blog
Go to their page and let them know.

Me, Namib's Foal and Pete

11 Things About Me:

1. I have an irrational fear of birds, especially pigeons. 

2. I'm training to become a yoga teacher this year.

3. My Dad is one of 6 children, and 5 of them live in my small home town in South Africa. I grew up with loads of cousins!

4. I still have my horse from when I was 11 years old, she is called Namib and lives on my Parents farm in SA.

5. I have 2 younger brothers and a baby sister who is 13.

6. I love travelling, and have been lucky enough to travel a fair bit in the past few years.

7. I love hearing other people's life stories.

8. My brothers believe I missed a lot of my childhood as I was too busy reading, I disagree.

9. I am allergic to crustaceans (shell fish).

10. I came to London for 'a year' initially, six years later...

11. I can speak Xhosa, an African language, that has lots of clicking sounds, to say the Xh Xhosa, put your tongue between your back teeth and make a clicking sound...

Questions from Charlotte and Molly:

1.  What made you start blogging?

In December 2011, I was diagnosed with Melanoma Cancer, for the third time. 
I sat waiting to see my surgeon and for the usual, "stay out the sun" and "you grew up in a hot country" blah blah blah, I knew this before my first melanoma already, and now I had my third.
And so I was quite surprised when she asked me "do you eat blueberries everyday?".  Not what I the rest of that story here.  And hence the name, obviously.
I started reading up on anything that I could find about the causes of cancer and the benefits of healthy living, and tried to work out the truth from the rubbish out there.  I started sharing my findings with friends in an email newsletter, until my friend Nix created this blog for me.

2.  Sweet tooth or savoury all the way?

Sweet, no question. Giving up Chocolate for lent is killing me.

3.  Last film you watched?

Untouchable this weekend home, Les Mis at the cinema, highly recommend both of them...

4.  What would be your ultimate dinner party menu?

Starter: Something with smoked salmon and avo.
Main: Steak, roast veg and salad.
Dessert: Mango, Plain Yoghurt and Honey

5.  Biggest fashion faux pas you made when you were younger?

Going to cop out and say too many to remember? A pair of velvet like bell bottomed trousers does come to mind though.

6.  What is your go-to outfit for a night out?

Black jeans and usually a brightly coloured top...

7.  Alive or dead who would you kill to see in concert?

I'm not the most clued up when it comes to music, but our first dance at our Wedding was to Michael Buble, and we are going to see him this Summer.  

8.  If you love a book, do you dare to watch the film version?

Yes usually, and then ALWAYS complain afterwards that it did the book no justice!

9.  What are you currently obsessed with?

The Trilogy Everything balm, which has finally replaced my addiction to Elizabeth Arden 8 hour creme. And it's natural! 

10. Do you have any bad habits?

Yes, loads. Worst at the moment is reading blogs and hanging out on social media sites when I should be trying to grow my new business.

11. What do you love most about blogging?

I love getting messages from people I know, or who I've never met, thanking me for recommending they try something, or thinking about their lives in a different way. The one week two friends sent me messages saying that they had resigned from the jobs after reading a post I wrote on What Makes You Happy? Pete jokes that I'm going to have some angry husbands/boyfriends after me soon...

And now for my nominations:

Rebecca from  Becca Louisa

Amy at Yummei


I think a few of you have more than 200 followers too, but I've so enjoyed doing this, thought you girls may too:)

And my Questions for you:

1. Why do you Blog?
2. Favourite post that you have ever written?
3. Top 3 Favourite books that you have ever read?
4. Favourite city?
5. When I grow up I want to write a blog as cool as......
6. Dream job if money were no object?
7. Shoes or Handbags?
8. My perfect chilled out Sunday would include...
9. The one 'healthy' habit I wish I could stick to is....
10. What do you usually have for Breakfast? 
11. Current Obsession?

Looking forward to hearing your answers....
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