3 weeks clean from toxic 8 hour cream and a Trilogy Everything Balm Give away

Friday, March 1

I mentioned earlier this week how I am currently obsessed with the Trilogy Everything Balm.  My friend Lisa from Skin+Care was so appalled at my addiction to my Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Cream as I applied my umpteenth layer on my lips for the day, that she gave me a pot of the Everything Balm from  her shop to try for free!  

I was grateful but sceptical.  Over the past two years I have tried and failed on numerous occasions to bin the 8 hour cream and to replace it with something more natural.  Each time I have failed.  Largely due to the massive cold sore that appears on my lip within 2-3 days of me ceasing my two hourly application regime of the 8 hour.  And cold sores are NOT pretty.  Especially when you are working with babies a few days old, I certainly wouldn't want me and a cold sore holding my brand new bundle of joy.  

It has been three weeks now since I started using the Trilogy Everything Balm, and I have been cold sore free and 8 hour cream clean. 

Yesterday, I took the plunge and threw my 8 last tube of 8 hour cream into the bucket of 'toxic products' that Lisa has put in her shop.

The Trilogy Balm goes on smoothly, can be used on any part of the body and smells subtle but lovely. It also doesn't make you feel like you need to reapply it constantly all day long, as some other lip balm options that I've tried do...

asked Lisa to write a post for Berry Diaries explaining to me and you guys again, why it is SO much better to be using the Everything Balm rather than the 8 Hour Cream...

Lisa Copley
25 Church Road, Wimbledon Village, SW19 5DQ

When it comes to 'multi-tasker' balms, the most famous is in a white tube with a red door. Everyone swears by it, make-up artists claim it is their go to product and it has a made up legend that it began with healing horses - amazing what massive marketing budgets can do.

However I wonder if all these followers have ever analyzed the ingredients in this product, they might be quite shocked.

Of the 16 ingredients, 7 are known toxins which cause irritation and are linked to much worse.

Knowing that your skin is absorbing everything going onto it and not wanting these toxins in my body,Its definitely no longer a go to product for me and not worth slapping onto your skin every minute.

As a great alternative, Trilogy Everything Balm's is an all natural balm and contains no toxic ingredients, showing that there is no need for them to exist in our beauty products. The ingredients it has, Citral, Citronellol, Geraniol, Limonene which could be suspect are all naturally derived essential oils and therefore absolutely fine.

Toxic ingredients in 8 hour cream:

1) Propylparaben:
- linked with developmental/reproductive toxicity
-parabens mimic estrogen, therefore act as endocrine system disruption
-immune toxicant or allergen
-parabens have been found in breast tumor tissue (whether this leads to cancer is up to the individual to decide)
-parabens can age the skin when exposed to UV light
- rated 7 out of 10 toxicity

2) BHT
-irritation to skin, eyes or lungs, irrespective of where you put the cream on
-organ system toxicity
-it is a toluene based ingredient (toluene is used in paint thinners, believed to increase chances of miscarriage, a derived benzene is a bone marrow poison, does not exit easily from the body)
-human skin toxicant or allergen
-shown developmental effects in animals
-rated 6 out of 10 toxicity

3) Citral 
- occurs naturally and synthetically made (synthetic in 8hr)
-associated with allergies and contact dermatitis
-immune system toxicity
-skin irritant
-rated 6 out of 10 toxicity

4) Citronellol, Gerniol & Limoene
- all cause allergies/immunetoxicity if synthetically derived. Prefer naturally derived

5) Fragrance
-worse ingredient as manufacturers can hide over 169 ingredients under the term 'fragrance/parfum', which the consumer by law is not allowed to know which ones.
-known human immune toxicant or allergen
-human respiratory irritant
- can cause dark/reddish patches, skin discoloration when exposed to sunlight
-rashes, breakouts
-can exacerbate asthma
-known neurotoxins
-usually disguises the ingredient phthalates, which is a banned ingredient in the EU but found in many products under 'parfum'. These are known reproductive disruptors, hormonal acne, hormone disruptors, linked carcinogenic, can cause birth defects in male babies. Suspected cause of endometriosis and polysistic ovarian syndrome
-rated 8 out of 10 toxicity

The remainder of the ingredients are Petrolatum, Lanolin, Salicylic Acid, Castor Oil, Corn Oil, Tocopherol, Iron Oxides, Vegetable Oil

Wow am I glad that I made the swap!

If you live in London and haven't visited Lisa's Shop yet, treat yourself.

And to continue to share the love and awesomeness of the Trilogy Everything Balm, we are giving a away a free tub here.  And we will post it to you where ever you live in the world...

To enter, Follow BerryDiaries and Skin+Care on Twitter and tweet us a hello saying you would like to try the Balm.

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Give Away closes next Sunday the 10 March 2013.

Looking forward to hearing from you and giving away a tub of this truly amazing product...
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