Another dreaded 3 monthly check conquered and the do's and donts I've learned along the way...

Tuesday, March 12

Today was the 5th 3 monthly check up after all my cancer drama's and surgery last year, and thankfully all went well.  I had one mole scanned that my Dr didn't like the look of, but it was fine on the scan and so there was no need for any more cutting and stitching of my poor body.

The appointments are no longer as terrifying nor panic inducing as they used to be, but I do seem to feel like I have a fear of impending doom hanging over me before hand.

I think that I have also learnt a thing or two about how to approach the dreaded 3 monthly appointment day.

A few do's and don'ts that I have learned over the past year...

1. Do double check the time of the appointment the day before and not on the day, a stressful rushed journey in followed by a delayed wait in the rooms because you missed your allotted time is not conducive to a calm consultation.  I never normally mix up things like times, but when you are a little stressed about an appointment, it is surprisingly easy to get it wrong.

2. Do NOT have to go and treat a patient immediately after your appointment.  This unfortunately I learnt only after twice being consoled by the patients that I was treating directly after my own appointment.  Even if the appointment goes well, the relief afterwards can lead to large unexplained unexpected bouts of crying. 

3. Do call your insurance company with plenty of time in advance to get the authorisation code, and don't try and call from outside the consulting rooms, they never answer promptly when you are in a hurry...

4. Do remember that you are going to have strip down to your underwear in the appointment, and dress accordingly...

5.Do plan something enjoyable for the the afternoon or evening after the dreaded appointment, so that as the day looms nearer you also have something to look forward to, or at least set aside some time so that you can do whatever you feel like for a while.
 Today I think I may have finally managed to find a good combination of the above...

I got to the appointment with plenty of time to spare, and was even seen earlier than planned as they had had a cancellation.

After my examination which was all clear! I had a general catch up with my Dr, her Nurse and the lovely practice manager, regarding wetther I'm still eating Blueberries daily, how married life is and how my new practice is going.  

Then I was off to the Marylebone high street for some shopping.

After a general browse I bought this gorgeous dish from Skandium with a voucher we got for our Wedding.

I am now at home, writing this, and have just baked a banana loaf to have for afternoon tea with Pete as he worked from home today.

Now I'm off to get ready before I meet a friend for dinner in Soho.

Pretty much Perfect, and not a tear shed....yet anyway.

Hope you are all having a lovely day, and thanks for the messages my lovely friends:)
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