Why Mastering the Art of Meditation doesn't look like it's going to be easy...

Tuesday, March 5

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I don't know anyone who has mastered the art of meditation, who doesn't swear by it.

It's been something that I've been keen to try and grasp for a while now, but never quite got around to it.  A requirement for the Yoga course that I am doing this year, is that we spend 15 minutes a day meditating and keep a spiritual diary.

A friend of mine leant me a guided meditation CD, to try and ease myself in slowly, and this morning marked my second attempt "to get into the vortex" as the CD advises.

Not so easy though.

My friend Linds summed up my problem perfectly, when we were discussing this on Sunday.

"The problem is" she said " when I'm in a Yoga class and they getting me to focus and say "Ommmmm....I'm thinking Om-I need to buy broccoli-mmmm-what else should I make for dinner-mmmm...."

My sentiments exactly.

I try and focus on the breath and "acknowledge and ignore" the other thoughts that come into my head, but before I know it, I've not only acknowledged the thought but totally embraced it and the the 5 thoughts that bounded up beside the initial one.

The only time that I am able to achieve this near state of 'meditative bliss' is after a Yoga class when we do the relaxation part.  But by  the number of people snoring around me, I wonder if it's more of a sleepy state that I too enter?

That is why this CD is a good option to start with I think, as the lady with the gentle American accent guides me as to when to breathe and offers me gentle encouragement to get into the vortex.

Yesterday and today I got up 15 minutes than usual to listen to the CD, sat myself on a cushion cross legged and closed my eyes.... And even though I still seemed to think about a million things, it did help me plan what I needed to do for the day, without the internet or TV or tidying the kitchen getting in the way of my thoughts.  And I was far more efficient in the first hour of today than I usually am...

And so maybe if I continue to struggle with entering the vortex, but force myself to spend 10-15 minutes with my eyes closed in undisturbed thought rather than half asleep in bed with the snooze button going, it is still worth it?

The spiritual diary needs to be kept from two weeks time, so hopefully I will be in the habit of this by then.   

I'm also going to try a meditation class this week, and hoping that helps me to clear my head too...but until then I will continue to listen to my CD.

Any tips anyone?
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