Would you believe in this if it happened to you?

Wednesday, March 13

This morning as we walked along the bridge across the Thames to our breakfast meeting, and revelled in the wonder of some blue sky and sunshine this morning, my friend Simon asked me how the Meditation group had gone last week.

I've told a few people about it since last Thursday evening and wanted to share it here too.

Chez and I were rather anxious before the session began, having no idea what to expect and feeling like absolute novices in the group.

We soon realised that we had nothing to fear though as the Meditation teacher spoke us through a relaxation exercise, discussed the art of meditation, and then guided us into our own meditation.  I'm not sure my attempts at meditation had quite the desired effect...but I will persevere.

The teacher described how, although he is a barrister by profession, he has always been drawn to meditation, and how he wishes more people were too.  He discussed how there is a universal energy that we can all tap into, and how when there is so much that can be gained by being still and and looking inwards, we instead chase external sources of knowledge.

He says that there is energy emitted by all of us, and this originates at a cellular scientific level. We all know the feeling of entering a room and feeling that someone doesn't like us, or of being drawn towards another person.  Meditation, he says, helps everyone to access more of the good energy that the world has to offer.

He went on to describe how the roots of many religions lay in that of meditation and prayer, and that this has been lost over the years, and gave the example of how most of the monasteries in Tibet were ruined during China's cultural revolution.  Monasteries that were cultivating the art of meditating and being still.  Children apparently grasp the concept very easily, until the age of 8 years, where our ego's become to big and then our ability to meditate diminishes.

Very interesting food for thought isn't it?

The barrister/meditation teacher is also a healer, and we saw him holding a crystal near one of the girls in the group in the beginning of the class to check how open her energy channels were;  Chez and I were intrigued.

Needless to say, at the end of the class, we asked him to check how open our channels were...

He holds onto a smaller crystal on a chain, with a large crystal on the other end of the chain.

The big crystal swinging in a circular fashion, whilst he holds the smaller crystal absolutely still, indicates a good open energy field, which he assesses along the Yoga chakras. (Don't worry if you have never heard of those, not important for the story...)

He held it in front of me at my heart chakra level, and the crystal swung in a massive circle..."you must be VERY in love", he announced.  Hear that Pete??

Throat level swinging crystal concluded my throat chakra and airways were fabulous, as was my head chakra.

When he held it over my stomach, it didn't swing quite as smoothly or confidently and I explained to him that my stomach hadn't been feeling that great that day.

I then asked him to check the energies around where the chunk of tissue was cut from my right shoulder with the melanoma cancer last year.

He first checked my left shoulder and the crystal swang merrily in a massive circle.

The right shoulder was a different story however...

Chez was watching this as I couldn't see it behind me, and she verified that when the crystal was placed behind my right shoulder, it didn't move at all.

Not a bit of energy flowing through that area there at all...

He then asked if he could 'treat me' and I agreed.

He placed his hand a few cms away from my shoulder for about 20 seconds and I felt warmth radiating towards the area, as he transferred some energy from himself.

There after, apparently the crystal swang a little, in a pendular motion and not at all in a circle, but moved up and down none the less.

I was fascinated.

The Physio in me is DYING to google this crystal swinging stuff, to see if it is considered to have any merit or research studies behind it.

 Although I can confirm he wasn't moving his hand at all to cause the swing...

The Yoga teacher in training and wannabe meditator in me is REFUSING to allow myself to research this.

Instead, I think I may go for a few treatment sessions with this man and see if it can help me to tolerate looking at and touching this horrid scar anymore easily...

I will keep you posted...
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