A Wonderful Snowy Weekend in Germany

Tuesday, April 2

A few years ago my Mum got an email from her friend Ute who lived in Germany.  They knew each other as their Fathers had been friends and to talk over the now ancient Ham radio system.

Ute said that her cousins son, who was off to study agriculture at University wanted to come and spend time on our farm with my Dad.  He came to stay and work with my Dad on our farm in South Africa, and since then our Families have become very good friends.

They were at our Wedding in SA in December, and currently our Dad's are on holiday on a yacht in the Carribean together.  

This weekend, while poor Pete stayed at home to study, Jen, her boyfriend Adrian and I went to visit my favourite German Family on their farm in the North East of Germany.

They have had uncharacteristically snowy weather there recently, and it snowed for the majority of the time that we were there.

We went for long walks.

Played with Jacob and Theda's gorgeous little girls.

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Had dinner by Candle Light in their "Hunting Hut"

Laughed loads, and ate and drank a ridiculous amount of amazing food.

Thank you for such a lovely weekend!

I am so blessed to have such fantastic friends, and I look forward to you guys hopefully coming to visit me in London soon....
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