Happy Earth Day

Monday, April 22

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Happy Earth Day.

A day celebrated all around the world in the hopes that we all take a moment to look a little closer at some of the topics above.

 I watched this documentary a few weeks ago, titled No Impact Man, and although I found it a little drawn out, it really has made me think about how much rubbish we throw away every week.

The documentary follows Colin Beavan on a quest to make as little impact on the environment as possible for a year.  His wife is reluctantly drawn into his venture which includes, turning off their electricity in their Manhattan apartment, and so losing their fridge and appliances too.  And not using any form of fuel driven vehicles or public transport.  Not the easiest when you have a two year old daughter too...

For his wife Michelle though, it was the cessation of her daily Starbucks coffee's that was the most difficult.

And as they only bought locally grown produce, and coffee beans aren't grown near by, she couldn't even make any at home.

Some of the changes that the family made inspired me, especially in creating no garbage, shopping almost entirely at farmers markets, and living only off produce that didn't need it's natural shelf life to be extended in a chilled fridge.

The no toilet paper for a year, I thought was perhaps a step too far though...

On another green note, I hope that some of you started the Green Smoothie Challenge this morning?

If you forgot, you could always start tomorrow and continue for a day longer:)
I added half a cucumber to our smoothies this morning!
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