The 7 Day Green Smoothie Challenge...

Tuesday, April 9

Everything that I read or watch about healthy living these days raves about the benefits of juicing in the mornings.  Especially juicing green vegetables.

Now as I have mentioned on here loads of times before, I make us fruit smoothies every morning.

I have been dying to buy a juicer for the past few months, but as Pete says, and I do reluctantly agree, we don't actually have any space to put it in our kitchen.  And anyone who I do know who has one, remarks on what  mission it is to clean.

Smoothies, I love, and I don't even notice cleaning the blender anymore.  But I have had this nagging voice in my head telling me for a while now, that I should SO be juicing.  And that too much a fruit in a smoothie in the morning is giving me too much of a sugar hit too early.  The healthiest kind of sugar rush naturally, but a sugar rush all the same.

And so I was fascinated at the Vitality Show last month, to taste a smoothie made from banana, apples, water and SPINACH.  Yes Spinach.  My friend Cath took one look at the green blend I was about to sample and shook her head.  But I convinced her to try and she was also amazed by how freaking delicious the smoothie was.

I added spinach to our smoothies the next day and since then I have been experimenting with adding cucumber and spinach most days.  Next I'm going to slip a little celery in, I'm sure Pete won't even notice:)

Since then in the weird way that life often works out, I seem to be seeing Spinach in Smothies, EVERYWHERE.

Like on Peanut Buttered's Blog Post yesterday.

Look how good that looks?

pic from peanut buttered blog

And then the Real Food Runner, Katherine, shared how she and some healthy bloggers are launching 
The 2013 Green Smoothie Challenge.

Watch below...

The Green Smoothie challenge is to:

Add one green smoothie to your daily eats for 7 days straight. 

It begins on the 22/04/2013.

So plenty of time to brush the dust off of your blenders, and buy some fruit to blend, as well as some spinach, celery, cucumber or kale to add to add some green to your smoothies.

Any other green vegetable options that I have left out?

Anyone else keen to give it a try?

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