Happy Friday!

Friday, May 31

Hope that you all have a lovely weekend my friends, and thanks so much as always for taking the time to read my blog.

I'm guest posting on Becca's gorgeous blog Urban Flip Flops today in her I Fancy Friday feature, where I have shared a few things that I am seriously obsessed with.

I clearly love bright colours:)

So please pop past there and say hi!

I am really looking forward to the weekend, my first full weekend off in almost a month.

 I'm so excited to be catching up with my friend Lauren from school who I haven't seen in almost 12 years, and my friend Martine from University is coming to stay with me too!

And Pete's exam will finally be over after tomorrow-YAY!

Seeing two friends who live in South Africa and getting my husband back in one weekend = freaking fantastic!

The difference between the WW fighter pilots who could fly loads of missions and those who only managed a few

Thursday, May 30

 As of last weekend, we were required to wear all white during out Integral Yoga Hatha teacher training.  The reason for this is worthy of a blogpost of it's own one day, but I definitely did feel a little self conscious leaving the house!

Now if you have ever been to a Yoga or a Pilates class, you would have heard the teacher going on and on and on about breathing as you do each exercise. With particular focus on a long deep breath out.

And it wasn't until I did my own Pilates training that I began to appreciate the importance of breathing deeply and correctly, yes there is an incorrect way, not only during classes but in everyday life.

Recently in my Yoga teacher training, we have been exploring this business of 'the breath', pretty intently.

And this weekend, our teacher Padma, shared a story that has really stuck with me.

During the world war, I'm not sure which one, it was noted that some aeroplane fighter pilots could perform hundreds of missions and they were absolutely fine.  Whilst others only managed around ten flights, before they had some form of psychological breakdown.

These two groups were assessed intensively to see what physiological or psychological differences they had, that made one group be so much more suited to these flying missions.

After extensive tests, they were unable to establish any marked difference between them.

Until, yes you guessed it, they looked at the way in which these two different groups breathed.

The pilots who could do hundreds of missions, all had a longer out breath (exhalation) than their in breath (inhalation).  And they tended to pause at the end of their out breath.

The poor guys who could only manage an average of ten flights, had a longer in breath then their out breath, and paused at the end of their in breath.

Absolutely fascinating.

And then a lady this week said to me that her husband has just undergone investigations for his panic attacks, and has also been found to have a longer in breath than out breath.

And it fits with holding your breath when you are anxious or stressed, as most of us hold our breaths after we've taken a breath in.

Think about how you are breathing right now.

And is your stomach moving as you breathe? Or just your shoulders?

Goats Cheese and Spinach Frittata

Tuesday, May 28

Last week was national vegetarian week, and so I thought that whilst I was doing my Yoga teacher training all week, I should try and live more like a true Yogi and also embrace some meat free living.

We don't eat very much meat, but I was still surprised at how much I had to think about what to make for dinner after I had made a lentil curry one evening, and a vegetarian risotto the next.

I had some goats cheese in the fridge, and some eggs, and so on Thursday I made this Frittata, which I will DEFINITELY be making again.

Goats Cheese and Spinach Frittata



  1. Heat oven to 400° F. Heat 1 tablespoon of the oil in a medium ovenproof nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add the onion and ½ teaspoon each salt and pepper and cook, stirring occasionally, until golden brown, 3 to 4 minutes.
  2. Add the spinach and cook, tossing, until wilted, 1 to 2 minutes. Add the eggs and sprinkle with the goat cheese. Cook until the mixture begins to set around the edges, 1 to 2 minutes. Transfer the skillet to oven and bake until set, 10 to 12 minutes.
  3. Dividing evenly, place the greens on plates and drizzle with the vinegar and the remaining oil; season with ¼ teaspoon each salt and pepper. Serve with the frittata and bread.

I made half of the above recipe for Pete and I for dinner. And I used soft goats cheese which worked perfectly too.

Pete is usually a little adverse to these meat less meals and not the greatest goats cheese fan, but he really liked it too!

And I thought it was absolutely delicious, and so simple to make.

7 Great Things to Do While you are in London, by Bobbi

Monday, May 27

Wow, 9 days in a row of Yoga teacher training done:)

We have a few visitors from South Africa over the summer, and whilst there are all the usual have to do touristy things in London, I am always on the look out for any of London's little gems.

Having visitors is great for getting us out of own little rut, and discovering new places too!

And so I've asked the lovely Bobbi, an American girl living in London,  from Today I'm Bobbi, to share some of her favouritest London haunts.


Thanks for having me today, Lulu! 

Some of these places are pretty well known to food lovers visiting London, but if you’re short on time and want to pack a punch into your visit, I’d highly recommend picking a few stops on this list! 

The Botanist
Nestled in the heart of Sloane Square, The Botanist is basically the neighborhood corner bar for the ‘posh’ young professional set of Central London. While reservations are absolutely recommended, if you pop in on a sunny afternoon you can enjoy a cocktail and share a dish while you enjoy some good old fashion people watching. Portion sizes are big, the food is delicious, and they do a mean calamari. Um...yum.
Street Festivals and Markets
If you’re visiting London in the summer “summer”, head over to the South Bank. There is almost guaranteed to be something going on. Food festivals, carnivals, and outdoor entertainment are common, and you’ll find yourself walking distance from tons of London’s most popular attractions. If I’m stuck for something to do during the afternoon, I love heading over to Borough Market to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables (or some not so healthy options like pulled pork baguettes). Just be sure to plan your trip for any day other than Sunday, sadly the market is closed then.
Go to the top of The Monument
For £2 you too can be confronted with how out of shape you are by walking the 313 steps up to the top of The Monument. This landmark is easily recognizable and quite beautiful, but the view from the top is even more impressive. You’ll have lots of time at the top to catch your breath, the views will keep you up there for a while!
Peggy Porschen
The the most perfectly presented cupcakes and treats you will ever lay your eyes on live at this charming parlour in Victoria. They’re delicious, too, so head down for an afternoon of bubbles and sweets and you won’t be disappointed! The Parlour is located quite close to the Victoria Underground Station, so you’ll be able to get pretty much anywhere after you’ve stuffed yourself silly.
Red Dog Saloon
This little number gets mixed reviews, but if you stick to the pulled pork (noticing a theme here?) and the margaritas, you’ll be in good shape! The atmosphere is undeniably “American”, so if you’re homesick, this is a great spot for you. (That is, if “home” is “The States”.)
See a play
You don’t need to plan months in advance if you want to catch a great show in the West End! Many shows offer same-day seats, so do a bit of research, see what’s on, and carve out a morning to wake up bright and early to snag a great deal on some fantastic theater tickets! This is a roll of the dice, so you aren’t guaranteed to be able to buy same-day tickets, but many of the long-running shows are easy enough to get seats for during the week. Use Theatre Monkey to do a bit of research on the theater and call ahead to the box-office to see how early people start lining up for the show you’d like to see!
Saatchi Gallery
The Tate Modern and the V&A aren’t the only shows in town! After you’ve lunched at The Botanist, take a quick stroll to the Saatchi Gallery, where modern art with a bit of a wink are always on display. This smaller gallery boasts a killer gift shop, so you can also do any last-minute gift buying for your friends and family at home!


Thanks so much Bobbi!

Definitely a few more for me to add to my list too:)

And be sure to have a look at her blog, if you haven't already-it's fabulous.

I am Peace

Friday, May 24

Today is the last day of the Yoga for the Special Child Course.  And as you know I have loved it!

I have also loved our favourite little lunch haunt, Minkies.

I then have my adult Integral Yoga Hatha training course this weekend.

9 days of Yoga instructor training in a row.  I know, pretty intense.

I thought I would be exhausted by now, but fortunately I'm not, and could happily carry on next week too I think.

At the end of each Yoga session, Jo encourages the child to repeat the lines of this poem below.

I am Peace
I am Joy
I am Love
I am Light
I have a light in my heart
that I got when I was born
and because of that light
I am not afraid
of anything or anyone.

Om Shanti.

How beautiful.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!

My Amazing Yoga for The Special Child Course

Thursday, May 23

Today is day 6 of my Yoga for the Special Child course, and I really don't want it to end.

I expected the course to be incredible, and Nikki had told me it would change my life, but WOW, I did not expect this.

The program each day has involved us participating in a Yoga class, doing meditation in the mornings, and learning some Yoga theory.  We have also then gone through the recommended programs for the varying developmental stages, and practiced the Yoga asanas (poses) on our dolls and each other.

In the afternoons, awe have observed our incredible teacher Jo, teaching Yoga to children with varying degrees of special needs.

Some of these children have been attending weekly 1:1 Yoga sessions at the centre for years and years, and others are children of some of the remarkable ladies in our course, who Jo has met for the first time in front of us.

All of these children have clearly loved their sessions, despite being watched by the rest of us.

I was gobsmacked watching an autistic boy, who had been pretty much bouncing off of the walls and running away from his Mother in the reception, slowly calm down on the mat, do some chanting, breathing exercises and yoga postures, before lying down completely still for the relaxation at the end.

And watching a spastic quadriplegic boy with cerebral palsy, who is non verbal, clearly trying to say/mumble 'om' at the appropriate times.

And every child that Jo has taught Yoga to in front of us this week, has visibly slowed their breathing, relaxed and calmed during their sessions.

The Parents of these children, are all incredibly grateful to the Special Yoga Centre, and it's pretty obvious why.  Many of these Parents have also begun their own Yoga journeys as a result of bringing their children to the centre.

I am completely blown away by the profoundly positively effect that this type of Yoga is having on these children, and I know that even my children's Physio treatments are going to be altered for the better as a result of this.

I also plan to teach a whole lot of pure un-physio goal focussed, yoga, to children.

I would recommend that EVERY children's therapist and special needs teacher does this course.

And if you love Yoga, and have any interest in working with Children with Special Needs-

It has been quite simply, life changing.

Why Gossip is No Good

Tuesday, May 21

If you have ever been to a Hatha yoga class, or pretty much any non health club chain Yoga class, chances are you have done some Pranayama (breath control) exercises.

These may have involved blowing rather harshly out your nose, doing the bellows breath or even some alternate nostril breathing. 

Yesterday, we leant how to teach these techniques to children, (hence the tissues), and 
why the breathing exercises are so important.

Now for some Yogi talk.

So Prana, is your life force or inner vital energy.

Obviously the more Prana you have, the more content, and better off you are as a whole.

So how do we improve our own inner Prana or energy?

By the nutritious food we eat and drink and by exercising  and doing Yoga.  By doing breathing exercises, and drinking lots of water to cleanse ourselves. Meditation is also extremely powerful in increasing Prana.

The converse of the above obviously drain Prana.

And I don't think that anyone would disagree that when you are eating well, exercising and feeling rested and content you feel fantastic.


Prana is also lost through Gossip. 

Hearing this today, made sense to me in a very profound kind of way.

I have noticed that over the past while, I don't feel very peaceful within myself whenever I have spoken negatively about someone to others.

And this this concept of Prana, also ties in with the post I wrote about:

I think that what I label as inner peace, is perhaps also high Prana?

What do you think? 

Yoga for the Special Child

Monday, May 20

I began my Yoga for the Special Child course this weekend, and so far it has been incredible.

Our teacher has been practicing Yoga herself for over 40 years, and the Yoga centre that she set up in North London, now sees over a 120 children a week for 1:1 Yoga by a number of teachers.  Many of these children have special needs.

She is truly inspirational, in her approach to life, and in her working with Children with special needs.

I have learnt so much already, and we still have another five days to go.

I  love the foundations on which she feels this approach is based:


Love for the children that you work with, but love without attachment.  In line with this, we have detach from something in our lives this week as homework, this could mean an object or thought process.  She says that in order to be useful, one can't have too much baggage. I'm detaching from something that I know I will be freer as a result of.  

Can you think of anything that you could/should detach from?

However, to love the children that we treat, we first need love for ourselves.


Not only the obviously required patience with the children that we are working with, but with ourselves  too.  And not putting expectations on the child nor yourself, place intention, but not expectation.  There is never a 'bad session', it's about the child, not you.

Seriously trying to quieten my Physio voice with this one...as physio treatments are so outcomes and goal driven.


Trust in ourselves, trust in the child and trust in Yoga.  When a child feels trusted, they are less likely to
be uncooperative.

Soul to Soul Connection  

You need to see the child within , and see the light inside of them.  Connect with them, and you will achieve so much more.

A year ago, I would have had a little chuckle at this last statement.

But now I couldn't agree more.

I can think back to so many children and adults that have worked so well with me in their Physio sessions, because of the connection that we have made.  

And I can think of others, where we just didn't connect, and we didn't progress nearly as well.

I'm looking forward to what the rest of the week holds.

Have you had a think what you could detach from yet?

Have a Happy Monday Friends,

What goes on here

Friday, May 17

Happy friday friends, and Hi to any of Megan's readers from Across the Pond, who have popped over!

I thought I may give a little summary about what goes on over here...

 I am Lulu (real name Andrea, I know, how unrelated!). I'm from South Africa, and grew up on my Parents beautiful farm, 20km from a rather rural little town, which most South Africans have never heard of, called Kokstad.

After five years at a boarding school for high school, which I loved, I went to University and studied to be a Physiotherapist.

I then came to London for what was supposed to be a year to work and travel, but which has somehow turned into almost seven.

Four years ago, I met Pete, also a South African here in London.  I still can't believe that I came all the way to London to meet someone from a three hour drive away from my home town. Well in someways I can believe it, there are soo many South Africans living in London.

In January 2012, I was diagnosed with melanoma cancer for the third time, and had a large chunk of tissue removed from my right shoulder, and I am SO fortunate that they got all the cancer out.

I was waiting for the usual lecture on not going in the sun or ever using sun beds, which I certainly DO NOT, when my Doctor asked me if I eat blueberries everyday.  She told me that I really should, and that ultimately they could save my life.  And so I began my quest to a happier and healthier lifestyle, which I share on what I like to call this, Wellness Blog.

And hence the Berry Diaries name too.

In October last year I started my own business, a Physiotherapy practice for Women and Children and
I am fortunate to absolutely love my job.  I am also doing my Yoga teacher training, and tomorrow start on a course on teaching Yoga to children with Special Needs, I can't wait!  The meditation business is proving  to be a little difficult to master though...

In December, Pete and I got married, in the tractor barn on my Parents Farm.

The Barn underwent a pretty impressive transformation as you can see here. 
And you can see more of our Wedding Pictures here.

On this blog, you will find my musings on the subject of happiness, and what makes me happy, answers to some of the physio questions that I'm often asked, and the odd healthy recipe too.

But mostly you will see me sharing my journey as I trying to be healthier and happier, one step at a time.

Two of the most popular posts on my blog are here and here.

Thanks so much for visiting, I would love it if you left a comment to say hi, and I hope that you all have a fabulous weekend!

Angelina, I admire you

Wednesday, May 15

Angelina Jolie revealed here this week that she has had a double mastectomy, as she is at a very high risk of developing breast cancer.  She lost her Mother to breast cancer, when her Mother was only 56, as a result of the BRCA1 gene, which Jolie also carries.

She has shared her story to raise awareness of her plight, and the fact that many other women may also be in her position.

At one stage last year, I was treating 3 ladies with physio and lymphatic drainage massage after they had breast cancer treatment, who were all younger than me.

And that was really the first time I learnt anything more than just the name of what this mutation involves.

All of these ladies that were 28 years old and younger, carried the gene, and all of them had had family members also affected by breast or ovarian cancer.

And one of them learnt something about her family history through her diagnosis.

The BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are genetic, obviously, and so are passed down through the generations.  They are also five times more likely to be found in people (mainly women) who are descendants are the Ashkenazi Jews. (www.cancer.gov)

Wikipedia says:  Ashkenazi jews are an ethnoreligious group who trace their origins to the indigenous Israelite tribes of Canaan in the Middle East, and probably began settling along the Rhine in Germany, from Alsace in the south to the Rhineland in the north, during the early Middle Ages. Today, "Ashkenazim" is a descriptive term for descendents of these settlers, including those who established vibrant communities in Central Europe centuries later.

The descendants of this Ashkenazi Jewish group, now live all over the world.

I find it fascinating, that all these hundreds of years later, so many people, like the lady I was treating, are finding out their family history roots through their diagnosis.  After her treatment, she did some investigating, and she learned that her Family were in fact descendants of this population.

Now not all breast or ovarian cancers are caused by the BRCA genes, only 5-10% of breast cancers are genetic, and only 3-5% of these are due to BRCA.  And not all carriers of the BRCA genes are of Ashkenazi Jewish descent, but you have a five times higher chance of having the gene if you are.

And as Jolie as explained, if you do have the BRCA gene, you are at a considerably higher risk of getting breast or ovarian cancer, and so you may want to take action.

The below information is from the National Cancer Institute in the US.

BRCA1 and BRCA2: Cancer Risk and Genetic Testing

Key Points

  • BRCA1 and BRCA2 are human genes that belong to a class of genes known as tumor suppressors. Mutation of these genes has been linked to hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.
  • A woman's risk of developing breast and/or ovarian cancer is greatly increased if she inherits a deleterious (harmful) BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation. Men with these mutations also have an increased risk of breast cancer. Both men and women who have harmful BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutations may be at increased risk of other cancers.
  • Genetic tests are available to check for BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations. A blood sample is required for these tests, and genetic counseling is recommended before and after the tests.
  • If a harmful BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation is found, several options are available to help a person manage their cancer risk.
  • Federal and state laws help ensure the privacy of a person’s genetic information and provide protection against discrimination in health insurance and employment practices.
  • Many research studies are being conducted to find newer and better ways of detecting, treating, and preventing cancer in BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation carriers. Additional studies are focused on improving genetic counseling methods and outcomes. Our knowledge in these areas is evolving rapidly.
If you are concerned that you may have the BRCA genes, then contact your Doctor for further advice...

And Angelina Jolie, I admire you so much for your bravery and for helping to spread the awareness of this often deadly gene.

Read here how to examine your own breasts.

10 things that make me really happy

Tuesday, May 14

I thought that today I may jump on Jenny from Story of my Life's 'blog everyday in May' challenge for a day.  Today is Day 14, Ten things that make you really Happy.

And you all know how much I love a happy list:)

And so here we go.

1. My Family, and the very cool family that I have married into, and that everyone gets on so well.  And the fact that Pete's sisters boyfriend asked for my Dad's number this weekend so that they can go fishing together. 

2. My job, and that I get to spend my days, mainly on the floor playing with toys and making up stories with children.  And that I am lucky enough to have my own business. 

3. That the Apprentice is back on TV, I love that show.

4. Flowers. Any type, any colour.

5. The Yoga course for Children with Special Needs that I am doing, begins on Saturday, and I'm nervous and excited at the same time.

6.  Excitement for friends of mine that have just got engaged or pregnant, or who are about to get married or pop out mini versions of themselves.

7. London in the springtime heading to Summer time.

8. That my Mum just finished a screen printing course, and when I go to South Africa in December she is going to try and teach me too:)

9. That this time next month we will be on our way to Italy for a friends Wedding and a holiday.

10. But the thing that I am MOST happy about today is....that in 18 sleeps Pete's exam will be over! And I will have my husband back.

How is your happy list looking?

Mini Spa Break

Monday, May 13

On Friday night, I went on a girls spa trip to a hotel near Windsor.  

There was some initial panic at the reception desk, when we were trying to check in and there appeared to be no record of mine or Bindy's booking.  A second receptionist came to try and help and they still couldn't find Michelle's name either, despite the fact that Michelle and Karen had booked in hours before.

I knew that there were a number of hotels in the same chain, and I had simply googled the one we were off to, typed the address to my sat nav, and driven where it had told me to.

Almost ten minutes later, there was still no sign of our booking, and my iPhone was being very stubborn and refusing to locate the booking confirmation email.

I called Michelle and she said she would come to reception.

I suddenly had the most terrible sinking feeling...

"Bindy, maybe I entered the wrong hotel in the chain's address into the sat nav? If Michelle doesn't appear in the next few minutes, we have a serious problem..."
Fortunately Michelle walked in soon afterwards, and the source of the confusion was established.  Michelle had made the initial reservation and used our married names, and us rookie newlyweds kept giving our maiden names to the lady at reception!

The gardens are gorgeous, and the hotel felt like we were staying in an old fashioned country manor house.

We spent loads of time in the heated half indoor/outdoor pool catching up and solving the worlds problems in general.

The therapists were lovely, and we had full access to the spa facilities on Friday and Saturday.

The package that we bought included, a nights accommodation, access to the spa,  a 3 course dinner and a drink on Friday night, breakfast on Saturday, and the choice of a 30 minute treatment on Saturday morning.

At £110 each, I thought that it was fantastic value for money and would highly recommend it for a very affordable and enjoyable spa and hotel break.

It took 45 minutes to drive there from South West London.

And as I've discussed before here, these kind of breaks are really good for you!

You can find similar deals to the one that we got, here.

It was so relaxing that I felt like I had been gone for longer than a night:)

Mango for breakfast...

Thursday, May 9

I LOVE mangoes.  And Pete really does not, which is quite fortunate for me really, as there have been a few of them in our recent weekly fruit box deliveries.

They remind me of sitting around the breakfast table whilst at home from boarding school for the holidays, and getting elbow deep in juicy deliciousness whilst trying to fend off my brothers as they requested pieces of my newly deskinned treat.

The mangoes in London don't seem to be as juicy or messy, but they are just as delicious.

And then last week, the lovely people at Chobani, sent me a box in the post, with their new Plain Yoghurt enclosed.

Oh my hat, it is delicious.

 I added Mango, and a little drizzle of honey, with some blueberries, of course.

And then a few more...

Their Plain Yoghurt is soooo delicious, it honestly felt like I was having dessert for breakfast.

How on earth can it really be fat free?

I think I will be having this again tomorrow.

Peggy Porschen and 3 Lovely Ladies...

Wednesday, May 8

I was initially a little unfazed by the thought of Monday being a bank holiday here in the UK, as I worked pretty much my usual Monday.

I had previously planned to go to Brighton, and I had also been invited to a friends bbq, before I realised I needed to work.

And then Bobbi, who has just designed my new blog, invited me to catch up with her and two other blogger ladies, Becca and Melissa for a picnic.  The timing worked perfectly between my appointments and so I went along to meet them.

We met at Peggy Porschen, which I had never been to, and collected some delicious treats.

How gorgeous is this shop!

I would highly recommend that you visit it if you haven't already in London.

And Jess, Odes, Tine and Simone, you SO need to go there when you are here visiting in the Summer:)

The cupcakes took a little tumble on route, but were still absolutely delicious!

Picture courtesy of the lovely Bobbi.

Bobbi to my right and Becca and Melissa to my left.

It was such a lovely catch up, such a treat to be barefoot in the sunshine, and I am SO excited to have met these lovely ladies...

Now go and have a stalk of their fabulous blogs!

distraction addict...

Tuesday, May 7

I've been working on my yoga homework assignment this morning, and realised that I seriously have a problem.

I have lost the ability to concentrate on a single task for more than a few minutes, couple of seconds at a time.

The yoga assignment involved preparing a presentation on the eight limbs of yoga, the sixth of which is Dharana, and is explained in the Yoga sutra’s of Patanjali as being 

‘the binding of the mind to one place, object or idea’, 

and is the practice of concentration. This is the ability of the mind to give it’s attention to one thing, to focus it in one direction only.

I used to be good at this. Seriously, I was never one of those people who was bouncing off of the walls, or bouncing a golf ball off the wall like my old University housemate Simon used to do, when I was studying at school or University.

Of course I used to have the usual moments of staring into space, and my mind wondering, but these days it's a different kind of problem I face.

The freaking internet.

I also think that this problem descended on me later than most people.  I was slow off the mark in getting a smartphone, and it was a hand me down from Pete that got me into the whole mobile email world.

Also, at all my previous jobs, I worked non stop face to face with patients and we hand wrote  our treatment notes.  I also didn't write this blog, and as I've mentioned before, I had only ever read a blog post or two before I started this blog a year ago.

Well how things have changed.

I would be lost without my iPhone.  I spend sooo much time on my iPad, that the other day I thought it was going to melt on me it got so warm.

I keep my treatment notes online since I started my own business and so spend a large amount of time sat here being distracted here writing those.

And then of course, I've discovered the amazing world of bloggerland and wow but have I fallen one million percent in love with following the daily lives of people who haven't the slightest clue that I exist.

The main distraction culprits for me are:

1. Facebook. Without question. The hours of my life that I have lost to scrolling down my homepage are depressing.  The weddings that I have stalked must be in the thousands, and the lives of people that I have observed from my computer screen are countless.
I love that I can keep up with friends and family that live far away, but seriously, I don't think I need to check in on all of them as I often as I do...
I have removed the app from my phone, but do sometimes still check via a sneaky safari log in, and do feel better for it.

2. Gmail. When I see that there has been some action in my inbox, it's like an itch that I absolutely have to scratch, and need to view it immediately. Not that I respond to it or act on it very quickly, I usually just leave it there looming over my to do list.

3. Twitter, not as much as a problem as the two above but still a huge time waster. I think if you are interacting on it, then it can be good to grow your network, but if you are just observing, you are wasting time.

And then I don't want to put blogs on the list as I feel that I get more benefit and joy from them than detrimental distraction. And of course I love that you are reading this right now on my blog.

And then there is Pinterest, I have not got into it nearly as much as most people have, but I can see it is soon going to be a problem, albeit a pretty one.

But I do think that all of the above are essential to my life, I just need to be more disciplined in not succumbing to them as frequently and for as long as I do.  

And I need to focus fully on one task at a time.  Like writing this, and not quickly checking that new email that I can see has popped up on my gmail tab...or the new notification on my Facebook, or the whatsaspp that just came through on my phone, or the text that I can see that Pete has just sent me.

It's like my mind is constantly functioning on the superficial layer, and I don't properly think about or engage in deeper thought about subjects that aren't derived from other peoples social media accounts nearly enough sometimes...

I met a lady the other day who said:
"I just wish I could get more into Facebook, it just doesn't interest me."

And I was like...


Congratulations to you and your concentration levels if you are still reading this, I met a blogger the other day who said that more than three lines in a row without a picture now, and she can't concentrate any further!

And please do share any tips with me for better concentration and less succumbing to internet and smartphone distractions if you have any...

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