10 things that make me really happy

Tuesday, May 14

I thought that today I may jump on Jenny from Story of my Life's 'blog everyday in May' challenge for a day.  Today is Day 14, Ten things that make you really Happy.

And you all know how much I love a happy list:)

And so here we go.

1. My Family, and the very cool family that I have married into, and that everyone gets on so well.  And the fact that Pete's sisters boyfriend asked for my Dad's number this weekend so that they can go fishing together. 

2. My job, and that I get to spend my days, mainly on the floor playing with toys and making up stories with children.  And that I am lucky enough to have my own business. 

3. That the Apprentice is back on TV, I love that show.

4. Flowers. Any type, any colour.

5. The Yoga course for Children with Special Needs that I am doing, begins on Saturday, and I'm nervous and excited at the same time.

6.  Excitement for friends of mine that have just got engaged or pregnant, or who are about to get married or pop out mini versions of themselves.

7. London in the springtime heading to Summer time.

8. That my Mum just finished a screen printing course, and when I go to South Africa in December she is going to try and teach me too:)

9. That this time next month we will be on our way to Italy for a friends Wedding and a holiday.

10. But the thing that I am MOST happy about today is....that in 18 sleeps Pete's exam will be over! And I will have my husband back.

How is your happy list looking?
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