I am Peace

Friday, May 24

Today is the last day of the Yoga for the Special Child Course.  And as you know I have loved it!

I have also loved our favourite little lunch haunt, Minkies.

I then have my adult Integral Yoga Hatha training course this weekend.

9 days of Yoga instructor training in a row.  I know, pretty intense.

I thought I would be exhausted by now, but fortunately I'm not, and could happily carry on next week too I think.

At the end of each Yoga session, Jo encourages the child to repeat the lines of this poem below.

I am Peace
I am Joy
I am Love
I am Light
I have a light in my heart
that I got when I was born
and because of that light
I am not afraid
of anything or anyone.

Om Shanti.

How beautiful.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!

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