I am such a wannabe Yogi and Thank YOU...

Wednesday, May 1

Wow, but I have had a cold for the past few days. At my Yoga course this weekend I was that person constantly blowing their nose with streaming eyes and that sick aura that people who truly look infectious have.  The kind of person you really hope doesn't sit down next to you on the train or bus, or especially not next to you for seven hours a day at a Yoga teacher training...

Fortunately my classmates were very understanding and and in the truly yogi fashion, I was offered and advised on all sorts of herbal teas and natural remedies to rectify my health.

Thank goodness I am now on the mend.  Much to Pete's relief I think, not sure how much more of my whining he can tolerate whilst he studies!

Thank you to everyone who emailed, texted and sent Facebook messages to me after reading this post last week on postponing happiness.  It seems that there are a lot of you out there who are also concerned about waiting for a distant point in the future when you will be happy.  And good luck to you all in all the positive changes that you plan to make, now.

My Yoga teacher training course this weekend, copious tissue consumption aside, was fantastic.

I thought I was signing up to learn to teach an exercise class, and that maybe I would learn a little on the spiritual side along the way.

Turns out it's probably the exercise class teaching side that I'm learning along the way.

Seriously, I think I'm the biggest wannabe Yogi ever.

The Special Yoga Centre where I'm doing my adult yoga teacher training course is just the most amazing place.  I can't describe the peacefulness that descends on me as I enter their front door, you need to go there for a class yourself and feel it.

I am so inspired by all that I am learning  and by what the centre represents, that I have rather crazily very excitingly signed up to do their course for teaching yoga to children with special needs too.  Seriously, have a stalk of their website and see what a great service the charity and centre is providing to children with special needs and their families.

So many exciting things ahead.

I can't believe that in two weeks, I will have had my own Physiotherapy practice for 6 months already.

Best decision I ever made.

And thank you so much to all of you that read this blog.  For the comments that you leave, the Facebook shares and likes and the messages and interesting bits and pieces that you send me.  

I really appreciate the time that you take to do so, it makes me SO happy!

Like the beautiful words in this picture that my friend Leanne just sent me after reading last weeks post.

Not sure you can say it much better than that?
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