Mango for breakfast...

Thursday, May 9

I LOVE mangoes.  And Pete really does not, which is quite fortunate for me really, as there have been a few of them in our recent weekly fruit box deliveries.

They remind me of sitting around the breakfast table whilst at home from boarding school for the holidays, and getting elbow deep in juicy deliciousness whilst trying to fend off my brothers as they requested pieces of my newly deskinned treat.

The mangoes in London don't seem to be as juicy or messy, but they are just as delicious.

And then last week, the lovely people at Chobani, sent me a box in the post, with their new Plain Yoghurt enclosed.

Oh my hat, it is delicious.

 I added Mango, and a little drizzle of honey, with some blueberries, of course.

And then a few more...

Their Plain Yoghurt is soooo delicious, it honestly felt like I was having dessert for breakfast.

How on earth can it really be fat free?

I think I will be having this again tomorrow.
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