Mini Spa Break

Monday, May 13

On Friday night, I went on a girls spa trip to a hotel near Windsor.  

There was some initial panic at the reception desk, when we were trying to check in and there appeared to be no record of mine or Bindy's booking.  A second receptionist came to try and help and they still couldn't find Michelle's name either, despite the fact that Michelle and Karen had booked in hours before.

I knew that there were a number of hotels in the same chain, and I had simply googled the one we were off to, typed the address to my sat nav, and driven where it had told me to.

Almost ten minutes later, there was still no sign of our booking, and my iPhone was being very stubborn and refusing to locate the booking confirmation email.

I called Michelle and she said she would come to reception.

I suddenly had the most terrible sinking feeling...

"Bindy, maybe I entered the wrong hotel in the chain's address into the sat nav? If Michelle doesn't appear in the next few minutes, we have a serious problem..."
Fortunately Michelle walked in soon afterwards, and the source of the confusion was established.  Michelle had made the initial reservation and used our married names, and us rookie newlyweds kept giving our maiden names to the lady at reception!

The gardens are gorgeous, and the hotel felt like we were staying in an old fashioned country manor house.

We spent loads of time in the heated half indoor/outdoor pool catching up and solving the worlds problems in general.

The therapists were lovely, and we had full access to the spa facilities on Friday and Saturday.

The package that we bought included, a nights accommodation, access to the spa,  a 3 course dinner and a drink on Friday night, breakfast on Saturday, and the choice of a 30 minute treatment on Saturday morning.

At £110 each, I thought that it was fantastic value for money and would highly recommend it for a very affordable and enjoyable spa and hotel break.

It took 45 minutes to drive there from South West London.

And as I've discussed before here, these kind of breaks are really good for you!

You can find similar deals to the one that we got, here.

It was so relaxing that I felt like I had been gone for longer than a night:)
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