Peggy Porschen and 3 Lovely Ladies...

Wednesday, May 8

I was initially a little unfazed by the thought of Monday being a bank holiday here in the UK, as I worked pretty much my usual Monday.

I had previously planned to go to Brighton, and I had also been invited to a friends bbq, before I realised I needed to work.

And then Bobbi, who has just designed my new blog, invited me to catch up with her and two other blogger ladies, Becca and Melissa for a picnic.  The timing worked perfectly between my appointments and so I went along to meet them.

We met at Peggy Porschen, which I had never been to, and collected some delicious treats.

How gorgeous is this shop!

I would highly recommend that you visit it if you haven't already in London.

And Jess, Odes, Tine and Simone, you SO need to go there when you are here visiting in the Summer:)

The cupcakes took a little tumble on route, but were still absolutely delicious!

Picture courtesy of the lovely Bobbi.

Bobbi to my right and Becca and Melissa to my left.

It was such a lovely catch up, such a treat to be barefoot in the sunshine, and I am SO excited to have met these lovely ladies...

Now go and have a stalk of their fabulous blogs!
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