Why Gossip is No Good

Tuesday, May 21

If you have ever been to a Hatha yoga class, or pretty much any non health club chain Yoga class, chances are you have done some Pranayama (breath control) exercises.

These may have involved blowing rather harshly out your nose, doing the bellows breath or even some alternate nostril breathing. 

Yesterday, we leant how to teach these techniques to children, (hence the tissues), and 
why the breathing exercises are so important.

Now for some Yogi talk.

So Prana, is your life force or inner vital energy.

Obviously the more Prana you have, the more content, and better off you are as a whole.

So how do we improve our own inner Prana or energy?

By the nutritious food we eat and drink and by exercising  and doing Yoga.  By doing breathing exercises, and drinking lots of water to cleanse ourselves. Meditation is also extremely powerful in increasing Prana.

The converse of the above obviously drain Prana.

And I don't think that anyone would disagree that when you are eating well, exercising and feeling rested and content you feel fantastic.


Prana is also lost through Gossip. 

Hearing this today, made sense to me in a very profound kind of way.

I have noticed that over the past while, I don't feel very peaceful within myself whenever I have spoken negatively about someone to others.

And this this concept of Prana, also ties in with the post I wrote about:

I think that what I label as inner peace, is perhaps also high Prana?

What do you think? 

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