Yoga for the Special Child

Monday, May 20

I began my Yoga for the Special Child course this weekend, and so far it has been incredible.

Our teacher has been practicing Yoga herself for over 40 years, and the Yoga centre that she set up in North London, now sees over a 120 children a week for 1:1 Yoga by a number of teachers.  Many of these children have special needs.

She is truly inspirational, in her approach to life, and in her working with Children with special needs.

I have learnt so much already, and we still have another five days to go.

I  love the foundations on which she feels this approach is based:


Love for the children that you work with, but love without attachment.  In line with this, we have detach from something in our lives this week as homework, this could mean an object or thought process.  She says that in order to be useful, one can't have too much baggage. I'm detaching from something that I know I will be freer as a result of.  

Can you think of anything that you could/should detach from?

However, to love the children that we treat, we first need love for ourselves.


Not only the obviously required patience with the children that we are working with, but with ourselves  too.  And not putting expectations on the child nor yourself, place intention, but not expectation.  There is never a 'bad session', it's about the child, not you.

Seriously trying to quieten my Physio voice with this physio treatments are so outcomes and goal driven.


Trust in ourselves, trust in the child and trust in Yoga.  When a child feels trusted, they are less likely to
be uncooperative.

Soul to Soul Connection  

You need to see the child within , and see the light inside of them.  Connect with them, and you will achieve so much more.

A year ago, I would have had a little chuckle at this last statement.

But now I couldn't agree more.

I can think back to so many children and adults that have worked so well with me in their Physio sessions, because of the connection that we have made.  

And I can think of others, where we just didn't connect, and we didn't progress nearly as well.

I'm looking forward to what the rest of the week holds.

Have you had a think what you could detach from yet?

Have a Happy Monday Friends,
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