Cornwall, Fish and Chips for Lunch in Padstow

Monday, June 10

On Friday, Nikki and I drove for 5 hours down to Cornwall for our Yoga retreat as a part of our Yoga teacher training program.

Neither of us had ever been to Cornwall and I was dying to go to one of Rick Stein's restaurants for Fish and Chips.  

Padstow, on the coast, as you can see above, is gorgeous.

The Fish and Chips were as delicious as every recommendation I'd ever heard promised,  and the sorbet from his delicatessen was quite simply life changing.

I know, not the healthiest meal that you've ever seen mentioned here. And that makes two in the last week...

These were taken before I realised that I was in for one of the most intense weekends of my life.

But more about that tomorrow...

I hope that you all had a good weekend:)
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