Happy Friday

Friday, June 14

Wow this Friday has come around quickly!

This week really has flown and I have had so so much to do...

But now it is Italy time!

We are in Tuscany for the weekend for my dear friend Sam and Fab's Wedding on Saturday, and then on Sunday we get the train down to the Amalfi coast with Jen and Barks for the rest of the week.

I've been to the Amalfi Coast before, when myself, Jubes, Bean and Aditi did our 2 month backpacking trip through Europe, and I LOVED it.

Seriously, how amazing is that picture above?

Whilst I'm gone, how about you go and have a little stalk of these lovely South African blogger ladies blogs?

Bailey at Vanilla Blonde

Have a happy weekend and week friends!

See you when I'm back,
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