Touristing in London

Monday, June 3

So whilst poor Pete endured two 3 hour exam papers on Saturday, I had a fabulous time being a tourist in London with Lauren and Tine who are here from South Africa, and Jubes and Beany.

Borough Market was our first stop.

Where we bought some picnic essentials.

And then went and sat in the garden next to Southwark Cathedral, eating fresh bread, mushroom pate and cheese, followed by amazing chocolate brownies.

Next stop was coffee and cupcakes at Peggy Porschen. 

Followed by a stroll around Camden Market, and some Pimms in the afternoon sunshine.

Such a super happy day.

Catching up with friends, eating and drinking loads and being an absolute tourist in my home city.

Pretty much perfect really.

And best of all, my husband is finally exam free and all mine again:)

Hope that you had a happy weekend too?

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