Ana Capri town and a very Surreal moment...

Saturday, July 6

Hello friends and sorry that it's been a while! 

My cousin Scoota and his wife Odes have been here from South Africa and we have been non stop sight seeing in the sunshine this week!

2nd to last Italy post-I promise...

On our second day in Capri, we caught the bus up to Ana Capri town, to catch the chair lift up to one of the highest points on the island.

Going up on down the chairlifts was one of the most peaceful journeys I have ever experienced. The views are breathtaking and when about 15 nuns came past us on our way down, it really was surreal.

After walking around the viewing point and having a much needed ice cold drink, we caught the lift back down to Ana Capri again.

Where I got a beautiful pair of sandals hand made by a local cobbler.

As you do:)

And then it was time to head back to the hotel and to catch the ferry to Sorrento.

The chair lift was a highlight for me in our week in Italy!

And if you are ever fortunate enough to visit this beautiful island, do make sure you visit Ana Capri as well as Capri town...

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