Burger and Lobster

Thursday, July 18

I absolutely loved having my cousin Scoot and his wife Odes here to visit from South Africa!

We were non stop touring and exploring around London and by the time they left to continue their European adventure, we were exhausted! 

One evening after they had been on the hop on off bus all day, and Pete and I had been at work, we met up in Soho.

I've been wanting to go to Burger and Lobster for ages, and so we went to try and get a table.

We were advised to it would take an hour and a half for one to be ready, as it is just sooo popular.

Fortunately Soho has no shortage of great bars, and we we quite happily past the time.

Our waiter when we arrived at the restaurant after they had called us to say that our table was ready, was fabulous.

The name of the restaurant covers the menu too.

You can have a Burger or Lobster or Lobster roll.

Being allergic to crustaceans, my choice rested solely on the Burger. Odes had the lobster and the boys got a  combo where they shared a lobster roll and each got a burger and two desserts.  

The food was great and the atmosphere in the restaurant is fantastic.

It's £20 for a main, be it the Burger or Lobster.  Which I suppose makes it a well priced lobster and an expensive Burger. The boys combo deal was £30 each.

Our waiter's friendliness and character really added to a great evening too.

I would really recommend it if you haven't been before...

But as a non Lobster eater, I'm not sure I would wait an hour and a half for a table to pay £20 for a burger again.

For you lobster lovers on the other hand, it's well worth it!
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