Henley Regatta, a little Rowing and a lot of Pimms

Tuesday, July 16

Friday before last, whilst Scoot and Odes were visiting us from South Africa, we went to Henley for the day to watch the Rowing Regatta.  

By watch, I should perhaps more accurately say, we went to drink jugs of Pimms on the riverbank whilst some rowers went past, on the most gorgeous summers day.

Pimms is becoming a worryingly regular feature on this site....

But it really is the best summer drink :)

I can't remember what Odes, Binds, myself and Jess thought was so amusing, but the smiles in thss picture pretty much sum up the mood of the day!

 We were in the enclosures, where the boys need to wear jackets at all times.  Now this would never usually be a problem in England, but it was so hot that day that the boys were struggling! Whilst us lucky girls swanned about in sleeveless dresses. We did have to wear dresses that came to below our knees, and I actually had to go and buy a dress that was below the knee, as didn't have any in my wardrobe! But more about that later this week.

We also took a stroll down to the start of the race, along the riverbank, where there is no formal dress code.  Ice creams were an obvious essential and the boys took advantage of the situation and took their jackets off for a while too!

Fortunately, Pimms is available all the way along the riverside:)

We did see some rowing I promise!

Before heading back to the enclosures and enjoying an absolutely beautiful evening.

England you have outdone yourself with this weather recently.

We had such a fabulous day.
Thanks to everyone in our group.

Pimms wise, Pete and I couldn't even face any two days later when we were at the Wimbledon Men's Final!

I know.

Thanks so much to Sam and Bindy for organising!

We are looking forward to next time:)

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