Kindness cards for my special friends

Wednesday, July 31

I've had some more health drama's recently which have needed investigating, and I am SO relieved that on Monday, after numerous appointments and scans with different Doctors, it has been declared that I am FINE!

Once again, I have been absolutely blown away by the amazing support that I have had from my husband, family and friends.  I was actually giggling as I stood sending updates after my final medical examinations on Monday outside Regents Park Underground station, I was standing on the steps trying to 'quickly' send a few messages when actually I was just getting in the other busy commuters' way.

And I even forgot a few people off of the list in my joyous haze - I am so sorry!

How lucky am I that so many people are so concerned about me?

Last night, La had a dinner catch up with a whole lot of my favouritest girls and I wanted to do a little something as a thank you.

In the past few months, twice at our Yoga teacher training, someone has made these kindness cards.

Now I hadn't seen this before, but what happens is, someone makes a whole of little cards with kind and positive affirmations in them, and then passes one to each person in the group.

Without looking at what yours says, you then move about and swap the cards amongst the group. After a few minutes this naturally draws to a close and you keep the card that you are holding.

Inside, is a lovely message for you.

So yesterday afternoon, I quickly made up some cards and decorated them with some washi tape.

I had also popped past the shops in the morning and found some every sweet little bracelets on sale, and so attached a little bracelet to each one, wrapped simply in brown paper. 

After dinner last night, I handed them around and explained what to do.

The girls absolutely loved the cards and the little bracelets.

And it was amazing how so many of the quotes found just the person that they were pertinent too...

I would really recommend you do it with your friends or loved ones.

And there is no need at all to attach any gift to it!

A few of the lines that I used, I found here.

The World is abetter place because of what I create

I choose to be with someone who loves me for who I am

I make myself vulnerable and share my stories with those who have earned my trust

I am in charge of my own happiness and responsible for filling my own needs

I live my life free of fear, I am adventurous and engage with the world

Use these or make up your own...

Have you ever seen or done anything similar to this? 

Please let me know if you have!

I love this kind of thing:)

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