My Dilemma.

Wednesday, July 3

I feel like I'm in a bit of a quandry regarding this space of mine on the internet.

And you may have noticed that my blog hasn't been getting quite as much of my time lately as it used to.

As most of you know, I started it as a place to share all the exciting information that I was learning on my quest towards a healthier and happier life after my melanoma cancer drama's last year.  It has also served as a kind of journal for me to document what I've discovered along the way.

Initially I only posted health related posts, and then I threw in a few more personal posts as I slowly conquered my fear of anyone on the internet being able to read about my life.

This was pretty massive for me, as I have never even loaded a picture album on Facebook before. Seriously.

Anyways, as I started writing this blog, a whole new world opened up to me.  A world that Jen has been randomly stalking strangers in, for years.


Where you learn of peoples hopes and dreams, loves and losses, the restaurants that they have eaten at, and the cool places that they have been on holiday. With out them even knowing that you exist.

And so as this world has opened up to me, I have also started sharing some of the above.

This post is in fact interrupting my Italy holiday posts.

But each time that I post a holiday post, or *gasp* an unhealthy recipe, I feel a little guilty.

Guilty because I didn't start this blog for this purpose.

But I feel like the natural progression in this space has been towards this.

And so while part of me feels like a sell out.

The other part of me really enjoys spending the time editing photo's and reliving some of the adventures that I am so fortunate to be living.

I have learnt so much in the past year and made so many friends over the internet, and I feel that my life has been enriched as a result of this.

So that's the first part of my dilemma.

The second is this.

When you write a blog, you are able to see how any people have read your blog on any given day, what posts they have read, and the web page traffic source that they accessed it through.

Checking these stats can be  a little, VERY addictive.  

I realised a few weeks ago, during my Yoga for the Special Child Course, that this was feeding into my ego.  And let's be honest, no wannabe Yogi wants a big ego.

And so I stopped looking at the stats.

And when I did look again, I was pleasantly surprised that they had gone up.

Not that I care or anything:)

And so with all of the above in mind, I've decided that ultimately I write this blog as a way for me to document my life's learning and adventures.

Be they personal or health related.  It serves as a way for me to reflect on my Yoga teacher training journey and share Physio information too.

So thank you for reading my blog.

I love writing it, and I appreciate you taking the time to have a look at it.

And if I have thousands of readers one day, then that would be great.

And if it's just myself, Pete and my Mum and the book club girls reading this occasionally, then that is great too...

Have a lovely day!
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