My Wardrobe Detox and a Giveaway!

Wednesday, July 24

A tidy house is a tidy mind.

Is a phrase that I've heard a few times over the past few years, but never really appreciated until recently.

I think that most of this realisation has come from having the administrative part of my business based from home.  And quite often lately, feeling overwhelmed by all that I need to get done.

A few weeks ago, I went on a tidying rampage.  And I don't mean a surface tidy. I'm talking refiling those papers from a lecture I attended once and might need one day....and creating a pile of books for the charity store.

 I totally ordered and cleansed my desk, files, shelves and the growing pile of old magazines under the coffee table.

And it felt and still feels amazing.

Next I knew that my wardrobe needed a thorough cleanse.  I try and do this every few months, but to be honest I've known for a while that some drastic action was required.

And then in the way that life so often works out, I got an email from my friend Claire.

Claire has recently started Style Ambition- a personal styling business, and she offered to come and help me go through my wardrobe.


A few days later Claire came over.

Before our session, she got me to fill out a form, asking various questions about my daily life, style icons and what I feel my best and worst body features are. She also asked what my budget was for shopping, my dress sizes and what shops I frequent the most.

Armed with her little bag of scissors, needle and thread, for any on the spot jobs, we got to work.

It turns out I'm an "Hour Glass Pear." 

I know. Pete thinks its hilarious too.

But it also means there a few things that I've been doing very wrong over the past 29 years.

Claire made me try on every item in my wardrobe. 

And other than my gym clothes-she scrutinised every piece.

Initially I recoiled a little as she encouraged me to add more and more to my throw away pile.  

But I soon eased into it.

Turns out you don't need so many of the ok fitting jeans, nor coloured knitwear that after a few rounds in the washing machine look a little tired.

It also turns out that the long tops that I love because I feel they 'hide' my hips, actually draw more attention to them and they cut me at my widest point. I need to wear slightly shorter tops with higher waisted trousers.  I also need tops that are wider across the shoulders to balance my hips. And I am never ever ever allowed to wear flared trousers as these make my hips look wider than they already are. 

There were of a course a few items that or various sentimental or financial reasons I didn't want to throw out. Claire then made me try various combinations of items until we found a way for me to wear the item in the best way possible.

3 hours later, I was exhausted and I had two massive bin bags of clothes for our lovely cleaner to send home to her family in the Phillipines.

 Claire however, was still full of energy.

I needed something to wear to Henley that covered my knees.

And my wardrobe hadn't revealed a thing.

The following day I met Claire in the Wimbledon Village, where she had selected a few options in my size and had them hanging in the changing room when I arrived.

How is that for service?

And I LOVE the blue dress that she selected for me.

I could soo get used to this personal shopping stuff...

And so can you...

Style Ambition is running a summer deal for Berry Dairies readers:

This runs until the 15 September 2013.

A wardrobe consult that is usually £150, you can get for £75.
A shopping day with Claire, according to your budget, is usually £250, but you can get it for £125.
The wardrobe consult and shopping experience are usually £350 together, but you can get it for £175.

And if you want to go all in for a full make over, instead of being £500, you can get it for £250.

And you could win this for free!

I was so impressed by the advice that Claire gave me, that she is offering two of you lovely London based readers the choice of a wardrobe consult or shopping experience!

To enter, like StyleAmbition on Facebook.


Follow @StyleAmbitionUK on Twitter.

Leave a comment below here or on the Berry Diaries Facebook page, or tweet @Berrydiaries saying you have done the above and you could be the lucky winner!

Entries Close next Thursday.

Winner will be announced next Friday the 2nd of August.

Good Luck!
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