Monday, July 8

After our Ferry ride from Capri, we arrived in Sorrento.

The city of giant lemons, ridiculous amounts of foreigners getting married, and a sheer drop between the town and the beach.

Sorrento sits on a cliff side, and is accessible either by a walkway.

Or a lift that you can pay a Euro to go up in. Well worth it when you are carrying bags!

The sunsets over the sea are stunning.

And the lighting at dinner at this beach side restaurant where we had dinner on our first night, was quite magical.

And then on the Thursday morning of our stay, 

Adrian completely surprised Jen at breakfast and proposed to her!

Pete and I run up the stairs to the terrace minutes later with Champagne and we celebrated all day!

It was so incredibly special to be there for their engagement! As most of you know, I talk about Jen loads on here, and we have been the best of friends since we were at boarding school together from the age of 13...

Her real ring wasn't ready yet, and so she got to flash this amazing plastic bling until her AMAZING ring arrived last week!

After a very emotional morning, we headed down to the harbour, and hired a boat to drive along the coastline.

As you do when you have just popped the question...

Admiring the view, stopping to swim, and generally just being totally excited about the engagement whilst we were there, as Pete and I left the following the day and the happy couple stayed on another two nights in Sorrento to celebrate.

That evening we had Champagne at sunset and made the boys endure a bit of a photo shoot... 

The one above however, the boys were not keen to get involved in!

Love you my Jen, I am SO happy for you guys, and so delighted that we got to share your special day with you!
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