The Happiness Formula

Monday, July 29

So researchers say that they have come up with a formula for happiness. 

(Mx16 + C + Lx2) + (Tx5 +Nx2 + B x33)

And I think it's pretty accurate.

Don't worry, it will make sense in a minute.

They say that there are 6 factors that make up how Happy you are.

First is: M Living in the Moment

Second is: C Being Curious

Third is: L Doing something you love

Fourth is: T Think of Others

Fifth is: N Nurture Relationships

Sixth is: B Taking Care of your body

As most of you know, I am fascinated by the topic of happiness, and what makes people happy.

I very often discuss it here.

And so I have shared a few links to some of the posts that I've written previously with regards to some of these topics too...

When looking at the above formula, it's interesting to see which of these are multiplied by the highest numbers, and thus weighted the most heavily and considered the most important and influential in determining your happiness.

Most Important:

Taking Care of your Body.

Not only does looking after yourself make you feel better about yourself.


Eat well and exercise regularly.  I think meditating could feature here too...

Living in the moment. 
is weighted only second to taking care of your body.
And it's SO important to constantly reassess wether you are 

I spoke recently on here about  this too in this post, 

I know I need to remind myself to be happy and present in each moment and activity, and not constantly thinking about future plans...

Think of Others.
Do things for other people.
I remember being asked once at school,

"When last did you do something for someone to help them, knowing that you wouldn't get any recognition for having done it?"

Nurturing relationships.
Rated fourth highest in it's weighting in this formula
Take time to appreciate and nurture those around you.
Work out What their Love Language is, and how they like to be shown love.
And take time for Date Nights with your partner.

I've found that when things get tough, the only thing that you care about is the support from those around you.

Make sure that you are continuously nurturing relationships.

Joint fourth is:
Doing something you love.
This I think also needs constant reassessing and tweaking.
I am SO fortunate to do a job that I love.

Feeing curious.  
Is Sixth.
Curiosity for me, fuels interests and passions, which give meaning and purpose to life.

Do you agree with these and with the weightings?

Have a very Happy Monday! 

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