Tuesday thoughts...

Tuesday, July 23

With the British school summer holiday's pretty much upon us, my Physio case load has reduced rather significantly as everyone jets off to their summer holidays. 

And so instead of rushing to do the things that I have absolutely have to do today.

I've had a chance to catch up and do the things that I want to do and things that I really should do.

Yesterday, I even had time for a bit of baking.

And it's been wonderful.

I've finally created a twitter account and Facebook page for my Physiotherapy business, which is in the process of expanding a little.

This both excites and terrifies me at the same time.

This afternoon after sitting in front of this computer for far too long, I went for a walk along the river in front of our house and tried some of the photography skills that I learned at the recent EatnSnap workshop.

It really is such a treat to be able to wonder along the river in shorts and shirtsleeves.  London in the summertime, as much as we have been complaining about the heatwave recently, really is incredible.

Hope that you have all had a happy and productive day too!

And if you are looking a for good book to read next, The Fever Tree by Jennifer Mcveigh, is definitely a contender for my book of 2013 so far!
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