Wimbledon Tennis Final

Wednesday, July 10

On Sunday, Pete and I were lucky enough to go and watch the Wimbledon Men's Final.


I spoke to my little sister yesterday, who said, "It looked like chaps were sweating there."

Yes Tess, it was certainly warm.

The weather was stunning, the atmosphere was amazing and the tension palpable as the country held it's breath in hope of a British champion.

Henman Hill, probably soon to officially become Murray Mound, was absolutely packed.  And there was even a big screen on Court 2, after officials weren't allowing anymore people to try and find a spot to perch on on the hill.

I definitely got a little teary when Andy after a couple of match points in the final game, finally pulled off winning the first men's Wimbledon title in 77 years.

Our seats were quite high up, but very fortunately for us, were in the shade!

I am always struck when watching professional tennis, how ridiculously hard the men hit the ball!

Both men stood waaay behind the backline when receiving.

And I would honestly cry or hide if I was ever across the net from someone serving like that.

I also spent some time celeb spotting in the Royal Box.

How many can you see?

It felt like everyone at the game was supporting Murray, and a few times I felt a little sorry for Novak!

He was an absolute gentleman at the end of the match, and the two embraced warmly.  The interviews I've heard him give since the game, have also been so gracious and kind.

Murray was clearly very emotional when he won.  He walked around looking a little bewildered to start, before running to climb up onto a little roof to see his Family and team in their seats.

Fortunately he managed to get down safely to. Not that there weren't plenty of helping hands available.

His Mum was clearly delighted and waved to the crowds too as she celebrated with Champagne after the game.

And Murray deserved to be grinning from ear to ear!

I am totally converted into a new Murray fan.

Yes South Africans reading this, you heard me! 

I know he isn't the most well loved in SA, but I think out of courtesy to the lovely British people who let me live here temporarily, I need to support him.

And I have really warmed to him as a person too.

Unless he is ever playing against a South African of course...

And I saw someone put on Twitter this week:
"Murray seems to be better looking since he won Wimbledon!"

Well Done Andy.

Thank you Pete for such a lovely day!
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