Happy Birthday Pete!

Friday, August 30

Happy Birthday to my favouritest person!

Thank you for being the most wonderful husband that I could wish for.

For always believing in whatever plan I have just thought up, and believing that it will be a 100% success, no matter how far fetched it may seem.

For enabling me to follow my dreams of starting my own business and for delighting with me in what goes right and consoling me when things don't go quite to plan.

For listening to all my detailed stories about people you have never met and also getting excited when one of my patients makes progress.

For enduring the increase in the amount of vegetarian meals that we now eat, and hearing SO much about my yoga teacher training- that you could be a Yogi yourself :)

But mostly thanks for always being so consistent and kind and caring and just generally fabulous.

You are the BEST!

Love You and Wishing you a fantastic year ahead,
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