"Home" sick

Friday, August 2

This morning, there was a massive rain storm, a welcome relief after the heat of yesterday, and even a little thunder. Thunder is very uncommon here, and for a moment I felt like I was in South Africa.

And then an hour or so ago, after the storm had ended, someone was mowing the lawn outside.  I stood  looking out of our sliding door, and a felt a great big stab of nostalgia at the smell of freshly cut grass and the pitch of the lawn mower engine changing as it was moved backwards and forwards.

It felt and smelt soo much like my Parents farm in South Africa.

And I wished that I could transport myself back home to my Parents farm immediately.  

Because today what I really want to do is:

Bake a cake with my gorgeous little sister, whilst she regales with me stories about her friends and teachers at her school.

Go into my Mum's art room, and see what new and exciting creative venture she has on the go. And help her with screen printing the fabric that she is working on to make a new yoga mat carrier for me.

And then go for a drive or horse ride or motorbike ride with my Dad, and see where he is harvesting maize and making hay bales and admire his beautiful cattle.

And then I want to look out the window and see my aunt Judy and my cousins Jess and Lau coming through the gate, for afternoon tea, whilst Tess and I quickly try to finish icing the cake.

And then as afternoon tea turns into early evening, we will all have a stroll around my Mum's beautiful garden.

Tea will invariably extend into dinner, and my Uncle and my cousin Scoot will also come over from their farm next door to ours,  my Dad and my brothers will return from whatever work they have been doing and we will sit on the verandah, drinking wine and catching up.

And yes we will probably be swatting away flies and mosquitoes, and there will invariably be a dog or two getting in everyones way.

But as I sit here typing this, I long to be sitting out on the verandah, eating biltong whilst the 'braai' is on the go, and my brothers tease us the girls that they have been working sooo hard whilst we indulge ourselves in arts and crafts and tea drinking.

And suddenly even with Skype and whatsapp making communication so much easier, home feels so far away.

And I realise with some sadness that the scene that I have recalled in my mind, is of a day that has happened hundreds of times whilst I was growing up, and during our boarding school and University holidays.

Before we grew up and started getting married and lived across the world from each other, and when we had holidays that lasted for weeks on end, rather than set annual leave days.

And I remind myself that London is home, for now.

And I ADORE London for right now.

But my childhood home will also always be home.

Which is why, even though I will be 30 this month, and live a 12 hour flight, then a 1 hour flight and then a 3 hour drive from there, I still have my own bedroom at home too.

 Judy and Jess arrive next week to come and visit us.  

I can't wait.

Thanks for reading this rambling daydream...

I'd love to know what you associate with your childhood home?

Have a lovely Weekend!

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