"Meditation" for Beginners

Wednesday, August 21

As promised after yesterday's post.

Meditation for beginners.

Which is actually just concentration.

Get yourself a candle, you can use a stone or a flower or something pretty from nature or an object precious to you, but I think a candle is the best place to start.

Find a quiet place to sit down on your own. 
(The sitting is important, it reduces the risk of falling asleep.)

Light the candle and place it in front of you, I like to put it on a surface so that it's at about my chest height. This means that I'm just opening and closing my eyes and not moving my head and up and down to focus on it.

Close your eyes and take three deep gentle breaths.

Now open your eyes and allow your gaze to rest softly on the candle flame.

Focus on the candle flame, concentrate everything that you can on gently looking at this flame. 

Stare for a few breaths.

Now half close your eyes, so that all you are seeing is the flickering light of the candle. You may see lines of light coming out from the central flame.

Then close your eyes gently, and you will still be able to see the light flickering gently with your eyes closed. Focus completely on conjuring this image with your eyes closed.

When you can no longer see the light with your eyes closed, gently open your eyes, focus again on the flame, breathe slowly and gently, now half close your eyes, so all you can see is the flickering light, then close your eyes again and continue to try to see the image with your eyes closed.

Repeat this for five to ten minutes.

You may find that when you close your eyes, you are able to imagine that this light is constantly flowing to you, and you can sit peacefully for a while.

Or you may find that your brain is constantly accosting you, and although you are staring at that candle and trying to focus only on doing that, your mind is still thinking of three other things at once.

That is ok too. Be gentle with yourself and your mind.

Even if you struggle to completely focus on only the candle on the candle, this session will help you with the rest of your day.

I promise.

I would love to know how you get on:)
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