Petersham Nursery

Wednesday, August 7

My aunt Judy arrived from South Africa early this morning and my cousin Jess arrives tomorrow.

Today I had a patient in Richmond, and so took the opportunity to take Judy to one of my favouritest places in London, the Petersham Plant Nursery and Cafe.

There are a series of greenhouses with plants and all sorts of gorgeous antique bit and bobs.

I adore this place.

Earthen floors are littered with a mish mash of vintage furniture and pottery and gorgeous plants.

I think I could live here.

There is a Michelin starred restaurant there, that has all of the same charm, but I've not yet tried it.

I usually just go into the next door greenhouse, to the tea house.

Where they serve possible the best salads and quiche in London?

And as for the cakes...Amazing.

My battery died so unfortunately no pictures of the food.

So you will just have to go and try it for yourself!

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