When Pete and I almost got a Cronut in NYC

Wednesday, August 28

My 'to do' list in New York was inspired by:

Things that I've wanted to see since I was a child.

Places that I have seen in movies or read about in books.

Activities that have been recommended by friends.

And a mixture of the above that I have read about on other peoples blogs.

And I read a LOT of blogs.

I managed to do a fair few of the thing sin my list whilst we were there...

After my epic surprise. We headed off, with Rich and Katie's suitcases still in hand, towards the Frying Pan, a bar on a boat on the Hudson river, that Chez had recommended.

It was great! 

Probably more of a novelty for Pete and I, than for Rich and Katie who already live and work on a yacht...

My 'to do' list was frequently reassessed and mulled over, over the weekend, ensuring that each outing encompassed as many of these often banal tasks as possible!

I loved seeing and catching the Yellow Cabs.

And wondering about in Times Square.

We stayed at a hotel on Times Square and so got to experience the (mainly touristy) buzz of excitement there each time we came and left the hotel. 

I also went to a great Yoga Class at the Integral Yoga Institute. Which is the branch of Yoga that I'm training to be a Yoga teacher in.

And I got to try a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee that I'd heard great things about!

And then we also almost got to try a Cronut.  The croissant cross donut that has taken pastry lovers in New York by storm.  People have been queuing daily from 5am since they were launched in March this year, in the hopes of getting one of the coveted 200 cronuts that are made daily at Dominique Ansel's bakery in Soho.

We got there at 8;40am, not expecting to have a chance of getting one, and planning on just buying something else from the bakery.  When we arrived the cronut queue was still growing and so we though we may as well join it.  45 minutes later, we got the very sad news that the 200th cronut had been bought by the lady 2 people ahead of us...

Pretty devastating.

Instead we bought croissants. which would probably have been so much more delicious had we not just missed out on a cronut that we we had initially though we had no hope of attaining, as we had chosen a lie in over joining the queue at 5am...

Another reason that we need to return to New York soon:)

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