An Incredible Children's Yoga class.

Friday, September 13

With schools back full time this week, I have had a proper week's work for the first time since the middle of July. This was my first summer since I started my own Physio practice and I had no idea that the whole of London disappears for a least a part of, if not all of, August!  

I think that next year, we need to go away on holiday for the month too.

But seeing fewer patients has meant that I've been able to work on a few other exciting plans.

This week I started teaching a children's Yoga class.

Oh my hat, they were so sweet!

The group comprised of 4 and 5 year old girls, none of whom had ever done Yoga before.

When I asked the girls in the beginning of the class what they thought Yoga was, I realised that they had a pretty good grasp already.

"Yoga is doing exercise."

"You need to be flexible for Yoga."

"My Mummy does Yoga."

"Yoga is stretching."

Correct girls, and it's also about being kind to other people and kind to yourselves.

The class started with the usual chaos that ensues any group exercise class, especially when they are meeting their teacher for the first time.   There was a flurry of excited chatter and clothes being tossed all over the show as they adorned their PE kit for the class.

After their initial whoops of delight at the pink yoga mats laid out on a circle when they came in, there followed a few minor disagreements over who was sitting on which mat.

That established, the girls soon became absolutely engrossed in the class.  I told them a story about an adventure that we had all been invited on whilst we were warming up and I received a 'phone call' via my foot as we stretched our lower legs towards our ears.

We were giraffes in a zoo munching leaves from a tree, who saw a cat that was angry because of a dog that was barking whilst it played with a puppy and a ball.

Our adventure continued and we rode bicycles to the beach under a bridge where we saw boats and dolphins, and we performed each physical pose as we went along.

We incorporated breathing exercises where we imagined balloons going up and down in our tummies, and did loud 'haaaaa' exhalations with 'mmmm' on the end.

The girls loved it, and so did I.

After 40 minutes, we were all feeling a little tired, and so we lay down in a circle on our mats, with our eyes closed. I then walked around and placed a little heart on each girls forehead, asking them to try not to let the object fall off during the relaxation.  I read a poem whilst these gorgeous little ladies lay absolutely still and every heart stayed perfectly in place.

When I invited them to sit back up, most of them kept their eyes closed and held their little hearts to their foreheads with their fingers, although I had said that they could now open their eyes.

The peace in the room was palpable.

When they opened their eyes and saw the little hearts they were delighted!  

But instead of the shrieks that we had entered the room with, there were quiet whispers.  And as we made the little kindness cards that I had prepared for them, they whispered quietly and only when they were asking for my help.

At the end of the class when I thanked and congratulated them for being so wonderful, their responses melted my heart.

"I love Yoga."

"I just don't want this to ever end."

I never cease to be amazed by the effect that Yoga has on anyone who partakes in it.

I can't imagine that all my future classes will go as perfectly as this one did, but even if they are a tiny bit as incredible, I will be delighted.

And as Jo Manuel of the Special Yoga Centre says, "There are no bad Yoga sessions."

I am so blessed to be able to do the job that I do.

I ams also teaching a second children's yoga class for 4 to 7 year olds at The House of Yoga in Putney (without their heaters on), on a Thursday afternoon, which has a few spaces left in it.  Contact them or myself, for more details, if you have a little boy or girl that would like to join us!

Because as I have said soo many times before, I think that all children should do Yoga...
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