Daylesford Organic Farm

Wednesday, September 11

On the morning of my 30th Birthday, a few weeks ago now, I woke up in this gorgeous little B and B, had a delicious breakfast and then took Judy and Jess who were cruising around the countryside with me from South Africa, to one of my Favouritest places.

I just love everything about this place.

I could live in the beautiful buildings.

I wish I could own everything in their homeware shop.

And their food store is AMAZING.

I sent some Coffee back as gifts to my Mum and Pete's Mum in SA.  
The packaging is stunning. 

We were too full from breakfast to eat anything more than a small scone, but I've eaten at their restaurant before and it is fabulous.

On a very important side note, both times that I have been to the restaurant, I have seen the most gorgeous looking human being who works as waiter there.  Seriously if you go there and see him, you will know what I mean! Wow.

I am totally obsessed with this place, not sure if it's the farmer's daughter in me or what, but I love it.

My dream would be to have a place as beautiful as this one day in South Africa that is also a Yoga retreat and health spa...

There is also the Bamford Hay Barn Spa and Yoga studio at Daylesford which I am yet to try out but dying to!

And they have a shop in Notting Hill too.

If you live in London, it's about a two hour drive away, you need to go there! And do let me know if you spot the waiter....
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