Happy Moments from this Week

Thursday, September 26

This week has been busy. But an exciting kind of busy, not the tedious type. And there is something so super cool in the pipelines that I can't wait to share with you!

Anyways, a few happy moments from my week in pictures.

My new Oliver Bonas Scarf from Karen, and my Kate Spade ear rings and packaging from Bindy.

The late afternoon skies this week in London.  I feel like in my head I had decided that winter was upon us....and then Mother Nature surprised us and pulled out a whole lot of late afternoon sunshine in the past few days.

And these pictures that my Uncle, Paul took on my Parents Farm this weekend in South Africa.

They make me part homesick and part super excited for our visit home in December!

How beautiful.

I am so looking forward to seeing those of you who have said you will try and make it on Saturday- Thank You!

What has made you happy this week?
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