My Extra Special Dinner at Le Bernardin, in NYC

Monday, September 2

 You only turn 30 once, and to continue with what was almost a solid three weeks of celebrating, Pete booked us dinner at the most INCREDIBLE restaurant whilst we were in New York last weekend.

Le Bernard'n, which is a seafood restaurant, has a rank of 19 on the S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, and has had a mighty 3 stars bestowed upon it by the Michelin Guide.

Rich and Katie, who had surprised me earlier that day, also joined us for what was possibly the best meal of our lives.

The restaurant had been recommended to Pete by our friend Lindsay, and she had said that a friend of hers worked there.

I was completely surprised after our final main course, when some of the lovely staff brought over a beautiful Birthday cake for me before the first of our dessert courses! Linds had obviously mentioned that we were going there and, Laurie, who is a pastry chef had made the cake for me!

We LOVED the restaurant, and the whole experience was made extra special by the delicious cake.

When I asked Linds for Laurie's details, to thank him, I was quite surprised by her reply, that it was actually through another friend of hers, Kirk, that the whole surprise cake been arranged, as it's him who knows Laurie.

I was amazed!

So two people were involved in coordinating such a lovely treat for someone whom they don't even know.

How often does that happen?

Thank you Kirk and thank you Laurie for arranging such a lovely surprise for an absolute stranger.

And thanks Linds!

I hope that the great big karma wheel turns beautifully in your directions soon.

And that I can pay this forward in some kind of way too.

When last did were you helped or did you go out of your way to help a stranger?

Oh and if you are in New York and want to treat yourselves to a pretty life changing meal?
Go to Le Bernard'n....

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