My Internet friends in Real Life...

Friday, September 6

I have met some Fabulous girls through blogging in the past six months, and I have been dying to organise a little get together with some of them, for a general catch up, and to introduce them to each other too!

I was a little nervous about getting the ball rolling, but as soon as I checked with Freya that she could make it, and I knew that no matter what I would get to have a drink and a lovely chat with her, I sent an email around, which resulted in 14 London based bloggers having dinner on Tuesday night.

Bobbi very kindly offered to take care of finding our venue, and we had a lovely meal at The Phene, in Chelsea.

I knew everyone except for Rosie, Lou and Xandra before hand, who had been invited along by Freya and Che.  Some of the girls who came didn't know anyone else, but within minutes everyone was chatting away.

It was great to catch up with the girls that I already knew and to meet new friends too.  Although it can feel a little strange talking to someone about their lives when you have read and know so much about  them from their blogs already!

It was the most wonderful dinner and I am so delighted that I have been privileged enough to meet such wonderful people through this blog and bloggerland!

Rosie to my right and Xandra to my left.

Unfortunately Siobhan, Lou, Amy, Julie and Helen had left before we got our group shot!

Thank You girls for such a wonderful evening.

I never thought I would make friends off of the internet, but wow am I glad that I have!

There is a bustling positive energy that emanates from all of these ladies.

I'm not sure of blogging makes you happier because you make a point of focussing on and reliving happy and exciting times, or if people that are already happier by nature tend to share their positive experiences more, but either way, I am so pleased to have met you ladies.

And of course no life is perfect, but I do think that focussing on the more joyous occasions makes the harder times a little more bearable.

Which is why I think that everyone should write a blog.

I am so looking forward to our next catch up. And I hope that the girls who couldn't make this outing, can make the next one!
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