My Karma Yoga Inspired Speech at SW London Wellness Event

Wednesday, September 18

 Good evening and thanks so much to all of you for joining us this evening.

I think that most of you have received the initial email that I wrote when planning this event,   and I know that quite  a few of you have replied saying that you really like the idea that I hope that this is not going to be a typical networking event where you are going to be bombarded by people tonight and tomorrow trying to shove their businesses at you, or encouraging you to pay to make an appointment with them.

I think we all have had that kind of experience at networking events before!

Since starting my business earlier this year, I’ve been overwhelmed by the people that I’ve met who have wanted to help me, and not expected anything in return.

And a number of you are here this evening! Thanks Ladies.

Having worked in a leading Private Hospital that was very money driven before going on my own, and having a Father who is a successful businessman - I started my company with some ideas as to how I thought things should and would work. 

And due to a number of influences, I have completely changed my mind about a lot of these things.

One big influencer, and how this evening came about, has been the Yoga teacher training that I’m doing this year.  At times I have thought some of the projects were ridiculous, but the overall experience really has been life changing.

One of our tasks during the year long yoga teacher training - is to live as a different type of Yogi for one day each month.  The first of these days was to live as a Karma Yogi.  Basically this entailed a whole day where I had to try to only think, do and act in a way that would be of benefit to others, and not to seek any rewards for myself through my actions. 

I know, not the easiest!

I had agreed to go to a charity market in the morning of my karma day, but at the last minute my friend couldn’t come with me, I already had loads of work to do and I really didn’t feel like going. Had it not been my “karma yogi” day, I would totally have cancelled.

But I went along to the charity market, which I enjoyed, and bought two raffle tickets whilst I was there.

My day continued and I tried to be as conscious as possible about doing good for the world around me.  I spent some time organizing a free group yoga class for children with special needs and helped a friend with her new business plan.

I really had a lovely day.

Later that evening I got a phone call completely out of the blue from an old colleague of mine asking if I wanted to get involved in a teaching program.  It has all been confirmed since then, and they are paying me more for by the hour than I ever thought possible. 

And by the end of that week I’d had two phonecalls, saying that I had won both the raffles that I had bought tickets for at the charity event.

I couldn’t believe how much had come my way on the day that I was trying to help others and I couldn’t wait to share my story at my next yoga teacher training weekend.

When I shared with our Yoga teacher and class what happened to me, I was amazed when pretty much the whole class shared began to share similar experiences to mine on their Karma day! When I looked incredulously at Padma our teacher, she smiled and said that this is exactly what happens every time that she sets this task.

And I’ve seen it happen again and again since.  Each time I try and help someone else or do something for free, even more good comes back my way!

So thank you to all of you who have helped me so much already – and thank you to everyone for joining us this evening.

 I hope that we can all find a way to help someone else who is here tonight!

And not because we want something in return.

But you may be surprised at what happens as a result…

And so in the spirit of this, I am now going to randomly give out your business cards to half of the group.  Those with the business cards need to go and find the person whose card they have received, and then ask each other if there is anything that you can do to help in their business?

Thank you so much to all 28 of you that joined us last night, and to Jenny for helping me to organise the event!
And to Layla, the stunning new restaurant in the Wimbledon Village for hosting us!

We had a wonderful mix of people and it was such a lovely evening.

Jenny and Isabella from Sports Science.
Marianne from Children's Therapies.
Lisa from Skin+Care.
Paige and Laurence from Fit 8.
Claire from Nutri8.
Munira from OT4Kids.
Vicki from New Baby Company.
Nerys from Occupational Therapy Uk, based in Greenwich.
Claire from Claire Cerkin Nutrition.
Karine from Darling Magazine.
Heather from Yoga SW London.
Alessandro fron Nikken.
Fiona from Ezee Sport.
Ross and Rosie from Support and Sustain Physio.
Jeannie from Create Pilates.
Inge from Arbonne.
Natalie, from Spiro Health.
Janice from Homeopathy at Home.
Gail Reflexology and Pilates.
Tina from London Dieticians.
And Derinda whose website I'm struggling to find a link to!

And thanks Che for the business card draw idea, and listening to the speech practice:)

I am already looking forward to our next one!

If you have a business in SW London that promotes health and well being and would like to join us next time, please tweet me @lulujayphysio and let me know...

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