New Forest and French Silliness for Michele's Hens Party

Tuesday, September 10

On Friday morning we set off in the pouring rain from London to the New Forest to celebrate Michele's hens party, with her sister Nix, and her bridesmaids Elena and Shelley.  

Elena and Shelley actually flew all the way here from South Africa as a surprise to join her for the weekend!

Our first stop was for lunch and walk in the pretty coastal village of Lymington, where fortunately the weatherman's very dire predictions turned out to be incorrect.

We then met up with La and Clare who had caught the train down and it was time for tea, scones and a whole lot of silly photos on self timer at this quaint old hotel, which was built as a hunting lodge in the New Forest a few hundred years ago. 

Next was a delicious dinner across the road from our little B and B.  By little I mean the 3/4 bed that La and I shared was certainly not made for two comfortably...thank goodness we are such good friends!

On Saturday morning the weather was again much brighter than we could have hoped for and we drove back to London where the festivities continued.

The theme for the evening do was a French one, we all had our make up done and dressed up all French like - it was so much fun!

How sweet is Noodlez hat and outfit?

And then it all got a little bit silly...

Nix, Elena and Shelley, thank you for organising such a fantastic weekend!

And Michele, you are fabulous....Happy Wedding Planning :)
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