The Perfect Saturday

Wednesday, September 4

Some days are just so perfectly filled with sunshine, friends, laughter and good food, that you wake up the next day and you want to have the whole day all over again.

Saturday was one of those days.

After a wonderful catch up with friends for Pete's Birthday on Friday night, we got up early and drove out to the countryside to meet Sam, Bindy, John, Lulu, Pip and Rufus.

After a delicious pub lunch sat out in the sunshine we went to Stonehenge, where we parked, strolled around, and then just lay down on the grass, with warm afternoon sunshine treating us to her golden rays.  

I had so much fun playing with Pip!

When we got back to John and Lulu's house, the sun was still shining...

And it was time for tea, cake and birthday candles in the garden.

The cake was delicious, thanks Sam!

 Pip is at the really cool age where the packaging is more exciting than the gift that it holds, and so after she had helped me unwrap my lovely new nail varnish from Bindy, I tied it around her head as a bow.

And hung out with her as she played with her best friend Rufus! 

Thank you friends for such a fabulous weekend!

If everyone had friends as lovely as you guys, the world would surely be a better place.

My lovely friend and namesake Lulu, blogs at Pencil and Prams...pop on over to her blog and see more about her life as an Army WAG, Motherhood and her gorgeous artwork...and some more pictures from our lovely day:)

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