Happy Friday

Friday, October 11

This Week,

I have been, 

In Love with the light from the Setting Sun over the Thames. The above picture I took with my iphone and is completely unedited...

Excited each time I get an email saying another ticket for the Photo Hunt has been snapped up.

Amazed by how the 5 year old girls in my yoga classes are so pleased when I tell them that the relaxation portion is going to start. 
3 weeks ago I had to bribe them with stickers to lie with their eyes closed for even a minute or two, now they say they love how peaceful they feel afterwards.

Slightly Daunted but also very pleased at how busy my Physiotherapy business has been.  I am finally getting enquiries off of my Website which is fantastic.

Delighted at the news that one of my best friends, Jubes is engaged to the love of her life, Mark.

How about you?
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