Happy Friday

Friday, October 18

How cute are these boots. They belong to a 5 year old girl in one of my kids Yoga classes and Oh my goodness I would have killed for a pair of those when  I was little!

This week I have been annoyed at having a cold, but hardly surprised as every child that I have treated in the past week has been sniffling.

I have had some hilarious conversations with some of the children that I treat recently.

6 year old boy: Lulu why don't you have a baby?

Me: Because I just don't.

6 year old: Seriously, why don't you get a baby in your tummy?

Me: Because I'm not old enough to.

6 year old: No you are definitely old enough, and you are married!

he thinks for a little then says,

How does the baby get there?

Me: I'm not sure...

6 year old: I think it's Magic. You ask for one and then it comes.

Me: I think it's Magic too.

6 year old: Lulu, I think my Mum knows where babies really come from, I will ask her for us.....

Soo funny!

It's my monthly Yoga teacher training this weekend, and I am looking forward to another 2 day intense delve into the Yogi World.

And I've crazily signed up to go on another retreat in two weeks.  

But more on that another day...

What are you up to this weekend?

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