Happy Friday

Friday, October 25

This week I have spent way more time than usual on my Yoga Mat, and I think it's been really beneficial to me. Don't you just love my Yoga Bolster that my Mum sent to me from South Africa?  She screen printed and sewed it for me!

I had a wonderful dinner on Wednesday with some of my favourite girls and heard how Mark popped to the question to Jubes. I just love proposal stories. I think someone should start writing a blog just about cool proposals. Or maybe someone already does?

We have been sorting out the final bits for tomorrow's Photo Hunt event.
We have had a higher response than we ever expected to attend tomorrow and we are so grateful to all of you that have signed up! We have also provisionally set the date for the first one next year, we will keep you posted.  I loved London Life's write up about us here.

This week the theme of my Kids Yoga classes has been 'quiet'.  And how we can use our hands to care for others.  I found this lovely poem online, and gave a copy of it to each child. They then decorated the page by tracing around their own hands and colouring it in, and shared with the class something that they had done recently with their hands to help someone else.
Some of their examples were hilarious as always-I'm getting better at keeping a straight face!

I spread my fingers wide and place them gently. Watching how I move, I do so quietly.
My hands will help. My hands will care. My hands will rise above.
My hands will always do good things because they're filled with love.

 I unfortunately can't find the site where I found it now, but will link back to it as soon as I do.

Have a super weekend friends, and I look forward to seeing you Photo Hunters tomorrow! 
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